Rain and Waterworks

Last night we had a lovely thunderstorm with a brilliant lightning show I thought I’d settle down early and get a good night sleep.  Sleep has been scarce around here as stray cats have found a spot under my bedroom window to hang out. One is currently in heat so she’s quite loud.



I sleep like a baby when it’s raining and last night was no different. An added plus was the cats must have sought shelter from the storm because I never heard them once last night.

Unfortunately, even while I sleep I have my ears trained to pick up any unusual sounds and shortly before 5 am I woke because the furnace sounded off.  I got up and turned the thermostat off, opened the basement door to hear gurgling water but no matter how hard I strained to hear there were no sounds from the sump pump. Nice.  It rained so hard the basement ended up with about ten inches of water flooding both the furnace and the dehumidifier.

I wasn’t about to let the flooding ruin my good mood so sent a text to my son asking him to send one of his guys over to clean out the water and find why the sump pump wasn’t working as it should be and went back to bed. No worries here. I figured there wasn’t any thing more I could do and it’s not like I was going to freeze without heat, chilled maybe but I’d live.

I don’t stress these types of repair calls because I have an arrangement with my son. With the house in his name I pay him slightly more than double the mortgage, insurance and tax bill monthly and he puts a bit extra on the bills and saves the rest for repairs. It works well because his contractors like to be paid by him and I don’t have to deal with keeping money in the house.

After a bit more sleep I climbed out of bed and got ready for my visit with the grandchildren. There is nothing like little ones to distract you further from big issues. By 4pm my favorite of my son’s contractors was here, dried out the furnace, reset the sump pump and by dinner I had heat again.

I hope it rains again tonight but it can skip the flooding. 🙂



  1. A thunderstorm is not so common this time of year, so that must have been a treat (if you like that kind of thing.) However, water in the basement is not a treat at all. I’m glad that you have that arrangement with your son because figuring out who to call is half the problem sometimes.


    • We’ve had a few thunderstorms so far this year, this was our third, but having no problems with the basement I didn’t expect it this time. It’s great having my son work in real estate because he knows all the contractors and handymen that are trust worthy. When I messaged my son in the morning I told him the furnace sounded exactly as it had when the basement flooded last time. He held off until his wife stopped by to confirm I was right about the water so he knew which guy to call. I also have a bit of unease letting near strangers into my house to see I live alone so it’s a comfort knowing the guys who come here work for and are dependent on my son for their income. I know it sounds strange to be so guarded but since needing the wheel chair I have less trust of strangers which I noticed more after the move here where I didn’t know anyone.


  2. I love thunderstorms too…Actually I love watching any kind of storm..As long as I don’t have to go out/drive in it. Then I am a bit of a suck. But if I can watch out the window..great..

    Glad you are toasty warm.


    • Me too! 🙂 I used to joke that I was a horrible example for my kids because I loved storms so much. When we would have tornadoes we would head to a friend’s house because we didn’t have a basement, then when everything was prepared I would sit out watching for the tornadoes with my boys. All of a sudden my oldest tells me he wants to be a storm chaser and I nearly panicked. Who could have blamed him after the way I reacted to storms though. Thankfully, while he still loves watching storms he didn’t become a storm chaser. 🙂


    • Exactly! Big weather events, as you so well put it, remind me how unpredictable life is and how fortunate we are to have just the right conditions here on earth for us to survive. To watch lightning or even the swirling clouds before a tornado is something that even after all these years I still watch with wonder.


    • Ha Ha! Yes, I needed “bailed” out. 🙂 After I got to mop up the muddy boot prints left behind. Hmmm, bailing out the basement or mopping up boot prints….I got the better end of that bargain.:-)


  3. Yes Rain is soothing in its own way.. but you can well do without it flooding your basement.. So pleased to know your son is on hand for repairs this way.. I hope all is soon mended and your heat is back on. xxx


    • Thanks, Sue, yes the heat was back on by dinner time. I had to laugh because the repair guy was just joking with my son via Facebook that he never gets called anymore, two days later he’s called to drain my basement and fix the furnace. 🙂 it reminded me of your story about seeing someone after you and your husband had talked about them.

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  4. We had thunder and lightning here too but it’s drying out for a few days now. Yay! You have a good arrangement. I’m glad someone came right away to get you heat. Spring is a noisy season, cats and all.


    • I love the rain but yes, I’ll be happier if the water remains outside. Some people see the arrangement I have with my son as a bit, or completely, strange. By paying him what I do he covers any of the maintenance issues that arise, like the basement and we never talk about whether I’ve paid enough to cover those type of bills. The reason being that when I can no longer live here the house becomes his to rent out and make a living off of. I get the freedom to do what I want here, he never tells me not to do something because of how it might affect future rental income and I know I’m leaving him a nice property for future tenants while not having to sweat the big repair bills. Plus, he gets to write off the repairs on his taxes. 🙂

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      • I think the arrangement is perfect for both your needs and you don’t need to justify it to anyone. It’s none of our business how you work out your life. If it works for you, that’s all that matters. If you were unhappy with it, then we could offer concern for you but ultimately, it always comes back to none of our business. I think that if it works, enjoy. Each person has different reasons to do what they do and that’s where they should focus their attention. Another week almost gone. Where does the time go? Have a wonderfilled day, Lois and giant hugs to you.


        • I don’t talk much about our arrangement but am careful to always refer to my son as my landlord and pay the “rent” on the first of the month in the same amount every month to keep a paper trail in case I ever need to apply for in home nursing or the like and home ownership would prevent me from qualifying for the benefits. My son doesn’t always appreciate the label of my landlord though. 🙂

          I don’t know where the time has gone, I can’t believe we are almost a quarter of the way through this year but the sooner summer comes the happier I will be. If only I could freeze time making the summer months to last longer.


          • You are wise indeed. Looking to the possible future is a smart thing. It’s a smart arrangement and we are all only paying rent in this world. I’m the opposite. Winter could last forever. When the summer comes, I have to make outside treks early in the morning. The heat will flatten me. Everyone that comes into my house in winter must keep their jackets on. I have enough heat to keep the pipes from freezing. 🙂


          • In this we are very different I can’t take the cold and wait eagerly for summer when I can feel the heat reaching to the center of my bones.

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  5. I’m so glad you kept your equilibrium.
    This has been a very strange winter, much too mild, hardly any snow or cold weather, unusually strong winds and yes, a couple of most unexpected thunderstorms, something we usually never have in winter. Fortunately, there was little damage and no flooding.
    As I look out of my window, there are lots of signs that spring is on the way here in Switzerland, the blossom is just beginning to come out in fat buds on the fruit trees and will be in bloom for Easter if the sun shines, despite it being early this year. There is always a chance of a night frost until May 15th, though!
    We’ll just have to go with the flow!


    • It seems like everyone experienced an unusual winter. We too had a mild winter but our temperatures were within the normal range. Yes, our frost calendar also says to expect a frost until May 15th, we have surprisingly similar climates at least as far as timing of the seasons goes. I have been watching my trees for new buds but still none. Today though I went into town and spotted a Forsythia in bloom along with lots of daffodils. The rest of the bulbs are a bit slow to peek out.


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