Gifting A Smile

If there is one thing that makes my day brighter is it to bring a smile to the face of another person.  Today I did just that when my granddaughter arrived and spotted her pony headbands that will be shared with her friends at her birthday party this weekend.

pony headbands

The hardest part was assembling the unicorn horns and that wasn’t hard at all.  I set the headbands on the kitchen counter to show her mother but the little one spotted them first and squealed with joy. She asked if she could try one on and have me take a picture of her wearing it. I thought that was a great idea as then I would be sure to have a photo to share with you.

pony pose

Now that’s a happy face. 🙂  Mom liked how they came out as well and seeing how much this little one liked the headbands I think they will go over well with her friends and have the desired outcome of providing lots of imaginative play hours for these children.

In other news, with my sporadic blogging of late I completely forgot to share a gift I received that brought a smile to my face.  Elaine (My Next 20 Years of Living) caught the decluttering bug after the holidays and decided to go through her stash of yarn.  She then packaged up a wide variety and sent them to me!


This was such a wonderful gift to receive, thank you, Elaine.  Money has been tight as of late because I’ve been helping my son with his bills while he gets caught up after being laid off before Christmas so things like yarn are not a priority at the moment. In the box  I found stretchy yarns perfect for crocheting socks and I’ll use a bit of the other yarns to crochet doll clothes for the children to play with when they visit.  So many possibilities. 🙂

What brought a smile to your face recently?



  1. Wow, such pretty colors and I’m sure you will have fun putting it to use. Bloggers are such nice people!
    The unicorn headbands are really cute. Glad I got to see one on your smiling granddaughter.
    What has made me smile today is that my daughter got safely back from her trip to Vietnam last night and she was not one of the 7 of the group that got violently ill and had to be met at the airport with ambulances! Also I used up some fabric pieces I have been saving to make myself some potholders so I have a couple spares. And I came out with just enough material to make two matching pairs with almost nothing to throw away. 😄


    • Cynthia, bloggers are amazing people so much so that I wish I had begun blogging years earlier. 🙂

      What a relief it must have been for you to find out your daughter wasn’t sick and wouldn’t be needing an ambulance. I hope the rest of her travelers will be okay. I can’t imagine how sick you would have to be to be met at the plane by an ambulance.

      I really need to make myself some new pot holders. Mine are so old they are falling apart. As best as I can recall I bought these for my very first apartment back in 1981! Maybe once I’ve finished laying the kitchen floor, complete the sweater for this weekend and then finish the slipcover for a chair that belongs to my son I’ll have time to make new potholders for me. 🙂


  2. Wonderful job on the unicorn headbands, Lois! And so much nicer to have them handmade by Grandma than made in China! What made me smile lately: Giving the kids frozen blueberries for dessert and having them discover that they LOVED it–no junk food necessary!


    • Hearing children enjoying blueberries for dessert and being happy makes me smile too. Sadly I have to admit the plain headbands when I checked the label were made in China but yes, I know what you mean, my granddaughter appreciates them more because she knows I took the time to make them for her and her friends.


  3. I got a smile from reading about your smiles. The unicorn headbands are so cute. I wasn’t sure if the horn would make them top heavy, but it looks like that’s not a problem. Also, I can tell from the picture that is some pretty nice yarn. Have fun crocheting.


    • Glad I could bring a smile to you today. 🙂 Each unicorn horn is less than 1/4 a sheet of felt which I then stuffed very lightly with polyfil, just enough to keep the shape, so they really aren’t heavy at all. The ears are heavier than the horns. 🙂 Elaine is a doll and sent me lovely good quality yarns I’ll enjoy using.


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