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A couple of years ago, on a previous blog, I had a feature called Friday Faves.  Each Friday I would post the links I thought would interest readers. It was also a great way to save links I might want to refer back to.  I stopped doing those posts when it seemed everyone else was doing the same and I didn’t have time to read all the links everyone shared.

There are weeks I find an article I would love to share with you and realized I’ve missed posting my favorite links.  So I’ve decided to bring the favorite links post back again. I won’t make this a regular weekly feature, as some weeks it feels too much like work. By doing these posts less frequently, I hope to have more quality links you will enjoy and not overwhelm you with reading material.

link love

I can’t say I love the subject matter of this first post, Return of “kings”, excuse me while I vomit, but I love the passion Wendy expressed and her ability to say it so well for all women.


It’s that time of year again when if you are like me you are in garden planning mode.  I love this upcycled DIY bamboo or stick fence and can see it being a sturdy trellis for flowering vines as well.


Are you having a hard time giving up plastic? I know plastic has invaded every aspect of life but there are some plastic items we don’t need and shouldn’t be sold. Take the plastic straw. We could drink right out of a glass, couldn’t we?  I asked a server in a restaurant once why they gave everyone straws who had a cold drink. The answer was that people don’t like drinking out of a glass someone else used.  I’m sorry but if I don’t think the glass was properly cleaned I don’t want to eat at your establishment.  Anyway, if you need another reason to give up disposable straws you might want to check out the video in Plastic, and you, and turtles.


Cynthia has family all over the globe and shared this story of a baby sloth that fell from her sister’s rafter and how hard they worked to reunite the baby with its mother to save its life.

Short and sweet, that’s it for this collection of Links I Love.



  1. I’m glad you are bringing back the links as I always enjoyed them on your other blog. Surprise! My sloth story is linked! I hope people enjoy it. It’s one that has a happy ending!


    • Cynthia, because your sloth story was both informative, I didn’t know a baby sloth would die without its mother, and had a happy ending I had to share it. 🙂


  2. I read Wendy’s passionate post and pleased you chose it to feature.. it needs reading.. And I will love exploring these other links Lois.. so pleased you have brought this feature back… Hope all is well with you too 🙂 Hugs Sue


    • Hi Sue. I had no idea so many people missed the Friday links maybe I’ll have to make this a more regular feature than I had planned. I won’t promise every week but will try to share links at least every other week as time allows. Yes, Wendy, did an amazing job in her passionate condemnation of this group, kudos to her.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lois your well chosen links I did love browsing.. and I have not as much time these days, as I am not devoting as much to the internet.. But I will be happy to see these links from time to time.. As you never share anything not worth investigating 🙂 Love your way for a wonderful weekend Lois .. Hugs xxx


  3. i thnk it is great you are doing this again, Lois. I always love checking out new links, especially ones recommended by someone whose opinion I value.

    Looks good.


    • Yes, it’s been a strange road that ended me right back where I started. I felt I’d outgrown the Living Simply Free blog when I had to leave the studio apartment and purchase a home. I wish now I had gently allowed the blog to evolve with me.


  4. The only one I have read so far is Wendy’s. That took a great deal of emotion out of me. I’ll check on the others later. I’ll be away a week so you won’t be hearing from me much. Have my post scheduled since I won’t be taking the laptop. Check in with you soon. Giant hugs.


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