This and That

It’s been a few days since I posted anything, I’ve been crazy busy.  There has been good news, I’ve got the flooring to finish the kitchen, and then there has been routine living. I thought I’d catch you up on what’s been happening. This post will be all over the place in subject matter so grab a cup of tea and I’ll get started.

The flooring.  Over the last month not only had I been calling the stores close to home regularly but had my name and number at every location in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area hoping I’d hear from one of them.


half way

Saturday I received a call from one of the stores quite a distance from both my son and me.  I had minutes to decide how to get the flooring. This store was able to purchase one additional pallet of this flooring over what the contractors had holds on. One pallet is 55 boxes and I only needed 4.

My options were to trust the flooring would be there when I was able to arrange a pick up, not happening. I figured as soon as one of the contractors learned a store had extra inventory it would be gone.  I could pay over the phone and have it shipped to my house for an additional $79, which my son informed me wouldn’t happen 🙂 Or I could pay them over the phone and they would hold it up to three days while I arranged pickup, which is what I did.

My son agreed to drive out there to pick up the four boxes but asked me what would happen if he didn’t pick it up within three days.  I think he just wanted to get a rise out of me.

Another birthday.  My granddaughter’s fifth birthday is this weekend. I’ve been rushing to finish a sweater I am crocheting for her to replace the hand-me-down jacket I made girl-y for her a couple of years ago. She’s more than outgrown that one.  I began with this pattern from Cute Crochet for Kids by Diane England.

crochet pattern


I knew I wanted to make a few changes to the pattern. First I wanted it longer than just below the waist because kids grow so fast and I wanted her to get more than one year’s use out of the sweater.  The pattern also called for a heavy weight yarn I wanted to use a lighter weight yarn so it would be more functional in spring and early autumn.  I’ll still cuff the sleeves, again so it lasts more than one season and I’m toying with adding a fabric collar instead as well.  The party is this Saturday so I really need to get this finished.

pink crochet


Speaking of the birthday party.  My daughter-in-law always has a theme for the kids’ birthdays. She finds working with a theme helps her to be organized. Anyway, my granddaughter chose My Little Pony and I offered to help get things ready.

My daughter-in-law makes most of the things used at her parties, including the items she fills the gift bags for the children to take home.  This year she is making things the children can use for playing dress up to fill the gift bags.  Being that I have a sewing machine I offered to do any sewing but told her I’d help in any way I could.  This is the item I’ll be sitting down to work on when I finish this post.  You can find the directions here if you want to make your own.

Unicorn Horn


On the social side. Life is never all about working. Saturday turned into a day I got nothing done.  My daughter-in-law brought the children out early that morning.  I revert to a little kid when I’m around the children.  The baby is now 18 months old and a sponge for learning.  I knew early on I would have my hands full with this one. When he was only six months old he figured out how to turn on my wheel chair and make it go. I’ve had to keep my hand over the joystick ever since when he’s near.  Now he has a new fascination, cell phones. He realized I keep mine in the pocket of my chair and will sneak to take it out and run away with it.  Not only can he turn it on and work the phone but now can take it apart within seconds.


Any day he is  here he has to show off all the new things he knows.  It’s a routine he goes through as soon as he arrives.  Once he’s gone through his new knowledge I add to it. This day I decided to teach him new body parts.  Turns out not everyone is happy with everything I taught him. I named and pointed out knee, elbow and neck. Well now he runs up to people and grabs their necks. 🙂

Once the children left my phone rang. It was my oldest son.  We don’t get much time to talk now that I’ve moved. Either he’s busy with his children or I’m busy so our conversations tend to be short. I don’t like being on the phone and see a phone as more of a thing I carry around in case of an emergency but not seeing my son I look forward to hearing from him.

This day he was alone and so was I. We talked for five hours, thank goodness for unlimited long distance. We had our phones on speaker and went about preparing meals and such while we talked. What can two people talk about for five hours you ask? Out of my two boys this is the son who I have always enjoyed having intellectual conversations with. Turns out he misses our conversations since my move too. We each miss having that other person to bounce ideas off of since my move. We covered politics, religion, current social issues and then some.

laying pavers


Spring is coming. This winter I hired the neighbor boys to shovel snow for me. We had a mild winter resulting in needing them only four times, but the boys have spring fever just as much as I do.  With the days starting to warm I’ve had frequent knocks at the door, multiple times a day, asking if I have any work for them. They don’t understand why we can’t start planting yet. 🙂

Giving myself a treat.  There was  a time early in my life that I was nicknamed the junk food queen. I was busy working up to three jobs a day and would grab whatever was easy.  A peanut butter sandwich or chips and soda were easy. This was before children so luckily I didn’t set a bad example for my boys.  Since those days I rarely eat snacks. I’ve reverted to the way I was raised where you could eat all you wanted at mealtime but snacks were not permitted.


oatmeal cookie


Yesterday I craved a snack. I had it in my head I wanted oatmeal cookies and went searching for a healthy recipe.  I found this one and gave it a try. It’s different in that it uses no refined sugar and has very little fat in it but it hit the spot. I had all the ingredients on hand which is rare for me when it comes to baking.  The only change I would make next time would be to eliminate the coconut oil as I don’t think it added to the taste or was necessary.

I hear the headbands calling, guess it’s time to get back to work.

Has life been keeping you busy?



  1. You will be so pleased to get that flooring finally 🙂 And I LOVE that cardy/jacket….I never learned how to crochet but love the look of it as opposed to knitting. You know, the five hour phone call made me smile so much. My oldest son is a 13 hr drive away and our calls are often quite short too, just general catch-ups but I love the calls where we just get chatting about all-sorts and we connect on a more relaxed level – I treasure those calls.
    Nice for you to have seen the grandies 🙂 My wee granddaughter was born 12 days ago and she is beautiful, however some serious issues that are going to be difficult. Meanwhile we are enjoying her immensely and Mum and dad are, of course, besotted 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations! Your granddaughter is a fighter so I’m counting on her to show those doctors just how strong she is. 🙂 On a serious note, I do hope there is nothing too serious that she can’t overcome.

      The hours long phone calls are rare indeed here as neither that son nor I like to be on the phone. It’s good to hear you and your son also have those long calls now and again. They do help when we can’t see them often.

      I don’t know how to knit but always loved the look of knitted pieces. Maybe it’s only because I want to learn to knit but am struggling to master the techniques.


      • Don’t we always want to do what we can’t and think it’s nicer lol.
        It’s heart wrenching serious Lois but she IS a wee fighter, 6 pounds of survival spirit, if she can continue to defy the odds she may be ok. Something tells me she has inherited my mother and grandmother’s spunk, tiny but mighty 🙂


        • If she’s even half as stubborn as her parents were to give her this chance she will make it. I’ll keep her in my thoughts and hope all goes well.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. So happy that you found your flooring. Do you actually have it yet? Sounds like you have been busy with your grandkids one way or another. I look forward to seeing your granddaughter and her friends in their unicorn headbands.


    • Yes and no. My son picked it up from the store but it’s currently in the trunk of his car. He just promised to deliver it to me by the weekend. Now that I’ve finished the headbands, and picked hot glue off my fingers and hands I hope the girls will have fun with them.


  3. I’m so glad you were able to get the flooring. You are so industrious with all of those crafty things!

    At the moment I’m busy trying to dig out from several weeks of being sick. Alas, the cats didn’t do the laundry or dishes or vacuum or dust or anything while I was out of it! Sigh… At least it’s a beautiful sunny day, so I’ve got laundry hanging outside. I may even plant some spinach later. In these parts you have to get it in by early March in order to get any before it bolts! I’m sure it will get snowed on a few times, but it doesn’t seem to mind too much.


    • Bad kitties! 🙂 I can’t believe how quickly planting season seems to have arrived. I still need to order a few seeds I better get on that.


  4. love your birthday party unicorn headgear. Are you making one for each child? (don’t forget the little guy)..They will seriously love it, and I can see it being saved for a Halloween costume.

    that is SO NICE that you talk on the phone for hours with your son. Since you moved further away, I am glad to hear you have a good phone plan to keep “close”.

    The gift you are making looks wonderful, and I think you are wise to make it extra long. It would be a shame for it to be outgrown, soon. Kids do grow so quick.

    You’ve been busy, for sure. Glad you got the floor situation sorted.


    • Yes, I made a unicorn headband for each of the girls who will be at the party I do hope they become a favorite play toy after my daughter-in-law put so much time into the items to fill the gift bags rather than filling them with cheap junk.

      Our phone conversations are few and far between but we do keep in touch. This move would have been so much harder on me if we didn’t get to have our long conversations. And the flooring, you have no idea how relieved I am to finally have the flooring and be able to get back to work on the kitchen.

      The sweater is so close to being completed that I’m confident it will be ready in time to give her at the party.


  5. I’m hoping you actually “GET” the flooring. It’ seems necessary to have a contractors license to get anything done anymore. Too bad you don’t know one to help get things for you, I love the cardigan that you are crocheting. Always a good idea to make them bigger than necessary. I’m not sure how you’d make those headpieces. I guess there will be no boys at this party. 🙂 Hope you are doing well. Giant hugs my friend.


    • Well, I do and don’t have the flooring. It’s been picked up but is in the trunk of my son’s car. Now I just need to wait for him to have time to bring it out to me. I do know a few contractors, through my son, but not any of the big guys who are buying up materials in bulk.

      This is the first time I’ve tried to make a sweater from a pattern and sure enough I modified it from the beginning. I don’t know why I keep trying to make myself work from patterns. 🙂 What were you saying about following directions? 🙂

      There will be two boys at the party. There is one character in the My Little Pony movie that is a male, it’s a small dragon or dinosaur named Spike. I understand they will receive a Spike hat. The head pieces were relatively easy but I don’t get on well with hot glue guns, I think I had more glue under my nails than on the headbands. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • If the flooring is in your son’s trunk and not at the store, it’s technically had. :)) Yay! Yes, all patterns seem to have built in misdirection. I think they are just suggestions. Glue guns are notorious for removing several layers of skin and I always keep a cup of water handy when I get glue on my hands. I ALWAYS do. I hope you get pictures of the party with at least the backs of their heads in those cute headpieces. 🙂


        • I can only imagine the amount of skin I would lose if I didn’t stick with the low temp glue guns. I will do what I can to get photos of the kids with their headbands. I think they will receive them as they leave the party to go home, and I would never show their faces for privacy, but I’ll at least get a picture of my granddaughter with hers.

          The flooring will be dropped off Saturday after the birthday party but it may not get laid until mid week as I just found out I’ll have house guests staying with me who are coming up for the birthday. It’s always something delaying my plans. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Its so good to know you got the flooring at last.. And wow.. your little granddaughter looks so grown up .. 🙂 my little one was 5 in Dec.. 🙂 and don’ they grow.. Loved your knitter sweater Lois..and the little pony theme looks great.. Glad the boys are still volunteering to help..:-) And the weather has turned in on itself at the mention of Spring.. we get snow then rain.. it can not make up its mind what to do..
    Have a good rest of the week my friend.. Love Sue xxx


    • For some reason I had thought your granddaughter was closer in age to my older grandchildren. She’s almost the same age as my little one. I wish you lived closer our little ones would have so much fun playing together and we could have a cup of tea and chat while watching them. The boys are sweet but with little for me to offer them in the way of work I often dread their knocks at the door knowing I will disappoint them.

      The weather here is up and down as well, we’ve had a touch of snow but mostly rain and very strong winds. We had two solid days of gusting winds up to 50 mph! I did enjoy the one afternoon when we had a thunderstorm, that’s a sure sign the tide is turning and winter is on the way out. I hope you have a lovely weekend with nice enough weather you can enjoy some time outdoors.

      Liked by 1 person

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