Dealing with Greed

When I purchased the flooring for the living room I bought a few extra boxes because I wasn’t sure how much scrap I would end up with from the cuts and knew I planned to carry the flooring straight through into the kitchen so the extra wouldn’t be wasted.


living room celing height


The end of January I laid the rest of the flooring in the kitchen. My thought was that by getting as much of it done as possible I would be able to make a more concise estimate on the amount needed to complete the kitchen floor without having my money tied up in material that would need to be returned when the job was finished.

Since then I have been living with a kitchen half completed and can’t find the flooring to finish the room. Why? It’s simple, Greed.



I, or my son, have been visiting or calling all the stores in close proximity to both our homes trying to find the flooring. We are told another shipment is on the way, even the day it will arrive but when we check the store is sold out.

Yesterday, a salesperson finally admitted to us why the flooring never makes it to the shelves of the store.  It’s being bought in bulk by contractors. Every store in the area has a back order list for contractors who have claimed shipment as it arrives. The store says they must fill those orders before they can put the product on the shelf for other customers.

Here’s where I ran into the problem.  When I selected my flooring I looked at the color samples online and choose the color I liked best. At the store I found that color and one other shade were on sale. Score! I thought I’d lucked out for once.  Unfortunately for me this color, and the other one, are always on sale. I saved $1 per square foot.

It’s this savings that has contractors stockpiling this flooring for future projects and making it impossible for me to purchase the last four boxes I need to finish my kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasoning behind stockpiling flooring that saves you money when you are in business but it would be nice if even one of the contractors would be willing to let me purchase four boxes to finish a job I am in the middle of. Nope, when called not one will part with a single box to help me out. What bothers me the most is they aren’t even using it right now. They don’t know when they will use it, they just want as much as they can get NOW and continue to put holds on the product.

I was told that I could try and purchase the flooring online, this would add an additional $50 to my cost to cover shipping. Fine, $50 won’t break the bank at this point.  Guess what. None are available online because all the stock the company has is being used to cover what the contractors are ordering.

The salesperson also informed me that it’s a very real possibility that the manufacturer may run out of the flooring by filling the contractors orders and I may not be able to purchase the remaining four boxes I need any time soon.

I mentioned that there is one other color, much lighter than I selected, that is always sold at the same reduced price. That flooring is also back ordered and is being held for contractors when it arrives. By purchasing the entire inventory of the only two shades available at the reduced price it leaves the average person who wants to improve their private home to pay a higher cost for the same product by being stuck purchasing shades that are more costly.

I’ve attempted to purchase the flooring from the manufacturer, to avoid the retailer all together. Can’t be done. The manufacturer has an exclusive contract with this one home improvement store making it impossible to purchase it any where but from that one store.


half way


So here I sit waiting with half the kitchen floor done, paper and cardboard protecting the glue strips down the middle of the room and no way to finish the job.  I can’t help but think how greed, and our views on getting the most for our money, have landed me in this position.




  1. Lois
    why not give this a try?
    contact/email the actual manufacturer….
    explain what has gone on/maybe send link to this post.

    Explain, that if the manufacturer can kindly help you out, you will mention it on next post (after delivery)

    maybe the manufacturer, to maintain goodwill, might even give you a heck of a deal…

    worth a try, wont cost anything, etc..


  2. This must be really frustrating. I’m not sure what elseccan be done except what Anon mentioned or maybe even better, to send some personal correspondence to several levels of the home improvement management.


    • Yes, frustrating in a nice word for how I’ve been feeling. I have my name in with all the stores in the area hoping to get a call back from one of them saying they have four boxes I can purchase. Your suggestion to try and reach out to other levels of the management is a good idea. I’ve gone from the department to the store managers, even contacted the home office via email. I even convinced a couple of the salespersons in the flooring department to contact a couple of the contractors who have holds on the inventory to part with four boxes and had no success. The contractors by the flooring by the pallet, which is 55 boxes. Since they aren’t using them right now you would think one would be willing to part with four and reorder those four if necessary.


  3. OY! Well, I have no idea how to deal with this other than finding a contractor buddy to help you out. I’m just hoping that your floors weren’t made by Lumber Liquidators!


    • NO! My floors weren’t made by Lumber Liquidators. I informed my son I would not purchase any flooring from them and yet that was the first place he took me to look at flooring last summer. He chuckled and insisted I go with him in the store. I did but it wasn’t long before he realized I was serious and wouldn’t purchase anything from them and pushed me back out to the car.


        • There was so much that came out about them that beside the formaldehyde problems I see them as dishonest and shady so put them on my list of “do not do business with”.


  4. I am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time getting enough flooring. That’s just crazy!!! I think it may be time to bring this out into the big time with big news coverage. Taking names and reporting on the hostage taking. That’s almost a criminal act. Have these people gone nuts???

    Liked by 1 person

    • I got my flooring!!! There’s still a problem getting it but I’d contacted every store in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas and one called me back finally. 🙂 I have a hard time believing that the store can’t order more than what they have holds for so they have product available on the shelves. Oh well, my frustration has ended and I’ll be smarter from now on. I’d still love to continue this flooring into my bedroom one day but I won’t hold my breath.

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  5. Sorry to hear you are having problems sourcing the flooring.. sounds like a never ending circle, such a shame the store can not make an exception for 4 boxes when you purchased the other from them in the first place.. Its the sad world we live in.. and agree entirely with the title of your post..
    Hope the merry-go-around ends soon in your favour xx


  6. would this flooring be restricted in all parts of the country? if it possibly might be available in our area, I’ll be glad to check out some of our local places. Hey, Ohio and Pennsylvania aren’t that far apart, and I’ve always wanted to meet you face-to-face. I’m willing to take a road trip. Let me know!


    • What a sweetie you are, Jan, I also think you are my guardian angel because Saturday I got a call that one store had my flooring and allowed me to put a hold on the boxes I needed if I paid over the phone. Now, we are almost neighbors and I’d love to meet with you. Why don’t you email me ( and we can talk about a time and place to meet?


  7. Lois,
    I have seen so much flooring advertised for free, where I live,
    it occurs to me
    if you advertised on your area’s “for free” spots,
    and explained the problem
    someone may have enough of wht you need to finish the project.


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