The Missed Lessons of Atlantis


Atlantis, whether it existed or is in fact simply mythology, holds lessons we have missed in our day of technological advances. As a youth and into adulthood I was intrigued by the stories of Atlantis. Did it in fact exist, if so how was it destroyed so completely that we cannot find signs of it today?

futuristic city

In remote viewing Edgar Cayce described a highly technological society that through it’s ego destroyed itself. Cayce was insistent that greed and lust were their ultimate downfall. He described this society as one that knew no physical limits to what the mind could envision.

We are at that same cusp today. We have learned to split the atom and only the man who created the atom bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, seems to have regretted it. Listening to the stories of my grandfather, who was sent to Japan after we dropped the bomb to rebuild, my heart broke to learn what destruction humans could to to other humans. When my grandfather walked off the ship onto Japanese land he could tell where the initial impact had been, there was nothing left intact. Even humans were incinerated. Yet as he and his fellow soldiers walked further from the impact site they began to find the remains of people. First, they were nothing but bones, further out some skin remained and even further remains of clothing could be found on the bodies. At the furthest point he was sent to he found what he called the walking dead. People who were so badly harmed he felt they would have been better off dead than still alive their suffering was so intense.


Which brings me back to Atlantis, a society many believe learned to harness nuclear power, the use of powerful lasers and crystals.  Some believe that one day the use of lasers backfired and exploded so powerfully it completely destroyed the continent and the resulting tidal waves from their land sinking led to the stories of Noah and the Great Flood.

Is this a myth only to warn us of the possible consequences of taking our scientific experiments too far?

In the 1950s, the US government was testing atomic power, the same power that would destroy cities in Japan, in the southwest where population was sparse, but not non-existent. We may have learned quite a bit from these tests but it came with consequences.

I have a friend whose father was transferred to that area for a few years for work. She was the youngest child and enjoyed playing outdoors. Her family was told they were safe and had nothing to worry about. Today her body produces cancers so regularly that her doctor and family worked together to connect her cancers to those tests.  Small children who lived in the area of those tests, especially the very young, today are suffering the same systemic cancers my friend has. She has suffered ovarian/uterine cancer, cancer of the eye (she now has one glass eye), breast cancer, and thyroid cancer, to name just a few. She has undergone so many rounds of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments she no longer qualifies for medical insurance.  I adore her because she always has a smile on her face and a hearty laugh. Even with all she has gone through, and continues to go through she sees every day as a good one, one she’s been blessed to have.

We learned how to produce nuclear power both for war and for energy but we forgot to learn how to safely dispose of the waste before building the plants. We have generations of people suffering birth defects from Chernobyl and now have killed off millions of marine life from Fukushima which continues to pollute the Pacific Ocean. In the US we have nuclear plants which are leaking yet we keep them operational. In the UK, not knowing how to dispose of the spent materials from their nuclear plants they discharge it into the Atlantic Ocean.

We have children dying of Leukemia at younger and younger ages. Much of the cancer in children has been linked to contaminated soils around their homes, schools and playgrounds.

We cleared forests in Vietnam with a chemical named Agent Orange. When the war ended the companies producing Agent Orange sought to find a way to continue making money from this chemical and produced Round Up, which we spray on weeds and insects we don’t want around our homes. Will we ever learn or will we only learn once it is too late?


If we stop and look closely at our world we would find that we have completely altered every corner of it with our chemicals and science, from land to water to air. We are destroying our food supply, polluting our drinking water, and in some areas people must wear face masks because they can’t breathe the air.

If we had taken a moment to stop and look at the “myth” of Atlantis might we have made different choices?

Are we so egotistic that we need to prove we can outdo the advances of others and prove we are the best?

Cayce would repeatedly say that even the Lord of the Lords could not accurately predict future events because human free will can alter and change the future. He used as reference the biblical account when Jesus is asked when he would return, and He replies: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (source)

I like to look at the stories of Atlantis as a warning. I see Atlantis as the example of taking science too far and a warning to embrace a simpler life instead. I hope we still have time.

What lessons, if any, do you take from the stories of Atlantis?




  1. First off, I didn’t know you read Edgar Cayce. I’ve been reading his stuff for years. Found out many years ago my dad was reading his stuff as well. Finally, we had something in common to converse about. I believe Atlantis was real and that we have done this whole thing many, many times. Some of us learn, some never will. I also know that we are not our bodies. When the body is done, our essence continues on I so wish we could all finally get it but I think it’s the contrast that keeps us moving forward. I would so love to live in a peaceful world. Seems the only place I can do that is in my mind and heart. Have a wonderful week Lois.


    • Yep, huge reader of Edgar Cayce, his readings intrigue me but it was his visions of Atlantis that really grabbed me. Did you know he said the Atlantis people send off some of their writings and hid them under the left paw of the Spinx in Egypt and years back a room was discovered under that paw? Egypt won’t allow anyone to investigate but I wish they would in my lifetime just to see if there is information that proves the existence of Atlantis although like you I do believe Atlantis existed. We know so little yet think we are so much smarter than previous generations. Look at the medical expertise of ancient Egyptians or the building of those pyramids. What happened to cause them to lose the knowledge in erecting them from one dynasty to the next? All questions I wish I knew the answers to.

      And yes, I believe our essence, the real us, has nothing to do with our bodies. Our bodies are only a vessel to experience this plane of existence. So nice to have this chat with you. 🙂

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  2. OK… I’m also intrigued by the stories of Atlantis. I’ve seen numerous theories on various documentaries – most of them talk about the island of Thera in the Mediterranean and the hypothesis that it was blown apart by the volcano Santorini.

    But… I have stumbled upon other tidbits that I found even more interesting. The first one is that that there is apparently some sort of discrepancy in Plato’s account of the story of Atlantis – something about ancient systems of numbers or dates, I can’t remember the details. But the gist was that if you took these ancient number systems into account, then the story was much, much older than 900 years (which is what most translations of Plato’s account say) and it’s more like 9000 years or older.

    The other thing was some ancient map that showed the continent of Atlantis, but it was actually the same size and shape as the continent of Antarctica – but not as we know it today… it was the size and shape of the actual land mass without all of the ice shelves. Supposedly it was drawn from information that had been passed down for many generations. But nobody in the ancient world even knew that Antarctica existed, much less would they have been able to know what the land mass itself looked like without the ice.

    So, my crazy lady idea is that perhaps Atlantis really did exist… but it didn’t sink, it got frozen over. Maybe because of some sort of climate change? Maybe some sort of crazy polar shift occurred – I think things like that can happen. Anyhow, my little fantasy is that when global warming causes all the ice in Antarctica to melt in a thousand years or so (or maybe sooner if we keep up like we are) that they’ll find the ruins of some ancient civilization under there. Totally crazy, I know… but fun to think about!


    • I’ve heard the theories that it was in the Mediterranean too but I tend to believe Atlantis was much too large to be there. I’ve also heard about Antarctica being Atlantis and that makes more sense to me and is more the size I picture. But I had not heard about the mathematical problems or about Plato’s time being inaccurate, those are very interesting. I think I always believed there was an advanced civilization we call Atlantis that disappeared after studying ancient cultures and seeing how many have failed losing the knowledge they acquired which then has to be relearned. My oldest son and I were always reading about the really ancient cultures such as Sumeria which naturally led to us reading things like Footprints of the Gods which talks about these cultures being visited by aliens who shared their technology with them. I know it may sound strange but we always figured that made as much sense as anything else as to how these cultures were so advanced that even today we don’t know how to do many of the things they did.

      I would love to be alive when, if, Atlantis is discovered but fear what we would do to our world if we were able to get our hands on the technology they supposedly had. As for Antarctica melting, I would wager to say I don’t live far enough inland to survive that.


  3. A great post Lois.. I have read many books upon Atlantis and Cayce’s insights and predictions .. And Yes I would say that our Governments know deep down what are the initial courses of many cancer outbreaks.. And my thoughts go out to your friend..
    We think we are invincible.. Yet we mess around with Weather, our electronic devices send out invisible signals that pass through concrete walls, All of which affect our own electronic Energy bodies…
    Not to mention the whirring of the particle accelerator deep underground and the experiments there..

    Yes we are at those stages in my own opinion Lois. and it seems Mankind.. Humans.. are hell bent on destroying and destruction… Which is why I am convinced Mother Nature is attacking us back.. Imagine the poisons beneath her skin.. the pollution of dumped nuclear wastes,
    And they wonder why Whales are beaching themselves? ..

    I was told around 2006 in one of my circle group trance sessions that the Whale and Dolphin would elect to leave our planet en mass .. Sad as this last month many sperm whales have beached on our East coast and across Denmark..

    Brilliant Post Lois.. and I enjoyed reading..
    Hugs and Love Sue x


    • I thought you might have read of Cayce’s readings and predictions, Sue. I too think Mother Nature is fighting back and expressing her disgust at how we have treated her. I hope we wake up before she gets really angry.

      As for the invisible signals from all our wireless devices and such, I have seen way too many experiments that show it not only affects the human body but nature as well. It confuses birds and bees as it interferes with the natural energy meridians they follow. I saw one experiment where a simple cordless home phone was attached to the side of a beehive, the bees refused to return to their hive when it was there. This technology is so young that we have no idea the problems we may have started.

      Sadly, I do have to say I hope the whales and dolphins don’t leave our planet. They are majestic animals and have so much yet to teach us.

      Take care, Sue.


  4. Interesting thoughts, Lois. It’s nice to know there are others who believe as I do. I do believe Atlantis existed. Everyday scientists are uncovering more and more evidence that ancients had knowledge far beyond our technologies of today…such as using the Earth’s electromagnetic properties to harness power and communicate across the continents. The fall of Atlantis is a reminder that we can become too dependent on our technologies and too arrogant as to our place in nature–and ultimately destroy our way of life. I do believe we are ripe for nature to put us in our place…we are seeing it everyday in extreme weather patterns. What do we expect when we pollute the very air we breathe and the water we need to survive? It’s reassuring to see so many people starting to wake up and see that we need to regain our connection with nature, live a simpler lifestyle and take care of our planet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • Hi Indy. We only have to really look at history to realize we aren’t the smartest generation. Look at ancient drawings in Egypt of flying machines, and we think the Wright brothers were the first to invent planes. I think we are already at the place where we are too dependent on our technology but our fall won’t come until the last of those who were alive before the internet was available are gone.My hope is that we who remember a time of a simpler life are able to share what we know with enough of the youth to keep the knowledge going. Nature is striking back. I live in an area that has embraced fracking and while so far I can’t point to proof of problems here just look at Oklahoma. That state rarely had an earthquake before fracking but in 2015 had over 600 of them. I could go on all day discussing this subject with you.


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