The Day I Normally Look Forward To

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, the one day in the year I normally look forward to. I know that may sound silly but it’s a highlight of winter for me.


Winter in this part of the country can begin as early as October with snow remaining on the ground by late November. The extreme cold temperatures can linger for weeks at at time as well, keeping me indoors more than I would like.

When winter has dragged by for three months, or more, and sunlight is limited to only a few hours a day I find myself with low energy and a longing to get back outside. This coincides nicely with February Second, better known here as Groundhog Day.

I know as well as the next that whether or not Phil sees his shadow winter won’t end any sooner but there’s something about this day that tells me we’re in the home stretch.

This winter was different. We had some cold and even a bit of snow, but it didn’t last. Those days were broken up by beautiful days that were warm enough to go without a coat a few times. So this year I am still in good spirits as I look forward to hearing Phil’s forecast. No matter what he sees I know winter is still in the last stages and I’ll soon be out in the garden and enjoying the warm weather.

How about you? Do you have a particular day or event that you look forward to during winter?



  1. I love Groundhog day too. I can hardly wait for the news to say whether Phil saw his shadow. Personally, I like winter and am not ready for it to end just yet. We finally have real winter temps again today. What we need is a good hard freeze but it’s been quite balmy most of the winter. The bugs will be bad again this summer. 😦 I don’t celebrate but I do love this day. Giant hugs my friend.


    • I woke to find the sun shining and knew he’d seen his shadow. I’m not fond of winter I’m too cooped up trying to stay warm but just the timing of Groundhog day is enough most years to brighten my mood and remind me it’s almost over. I do hope you don’t have the problems with those stinkbugs you had last year, that was disgusting!

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      • We’ve been plagued with the bugs even through this warm winter. Yes, they will be back in full force this years. Nothing rids us of them. Our winter has been too mild. I’m always ready for spring, it’s the long hot summer that does me in. I’m so sorry you are cooped up and cold. I do get it. I lived on that mountain for 12 years without a soul around in winter and more snow than anyone ever wanted. I’m delighted to be done with it.


  2. grin..nice that you love Groundhog day..

    have to say, I love it too. However, not for the same reason as you (although that is nice…)

    My son’s birthday is Groundhog Day (February 2), so, of course, it is special, grin.

    Other than that, I have to say, Mother’s Day. Every Mother’s Day, since my son was a toddler, we go to see the baby geese down at a river. It first started by accident, when he was just walking, we went for a walk along the river (in the city we then lived in), and there was Mother Geese along with all the babies. They were used people enough that we could get fairly close for a picture of my little toddler, me and the geese families. Ever since we have gone hunting every Mother’s Day, to get a snap of the geese families on Mother’s Day. Have never gotten that close since, and once or twice there were no geese babies out and about, but …(all this continued through several moves/cities).


    • Happy Birthday to your son today! Wish him a good one from me.

      I love your Mother’s day tradition!! If you want the geese to come closer just take food. We used to until it was banned. Geese return to the same location each year and by feeding them they grew to love our little town with the lake so became overpopulated and their poop poisoned the water in the lake. Anyway, if you take food, stale bread or crackers work great, they will get used to you and even take it right out of your hand. Just be careful because when you run out of food they can nip at you and it hurts. I should know. 🙂


      • nice that you used to feed them. don’t know if it is outlawed here, but it is not really safe to feed them. If you feed them from your hand, and then the food is gone, they tend to attack you.

        however, at the same place we mostly find the geese (we go there now and then) someone has trained some of the wild chickadees to eat from hand. Once we went there and for fun held out our hands. Darned if they did not come over, land and look over the palm of our hand for food. They were not impressed to find them empty. Next day we came back with bird seed. Killed ourself laughing, as the fussy little buggers ONLY ate the sunflowers out of the bird seed. Hilarious. Now we just take sunflowers. We have only gotten them to land a few times, but the memory of a wild bird landing in our hand is great.


        • So you do know how bad the geese can be to feed from your hand. I should add the same place we fed the geese had two swans. If you think a geese attack is bad stay away from the swans.

          I would love to have wild birds feel safe enough to come eat out of my hand. After feeding the birds for three years at the apartment they were brave enough to come within a few feet of us and eat from the feeder without ever worrying about us. My grand kids and I could stand right next to the feeder and they would fly down and eat but if any of the neighbors were with us they were still too afraid to come that close. I’m not surprised your chickadees pick through the seeds to find their favorites I have to pull corn plants out of the flower beds under the feeder as the birds often throw those down and refuse them.


          • grin..oh I know about birds chasing me..Back as a little kid on the farm, who almost all the animals/critters “listened to” (I seemed to have a way with them, or else they thought I was a baby animal to be humored)

            anyway, back then, imagine my shock (I had long hair) to find the roosters had no truck with me. Let me come within a few feet of them and the buggers would run at me / grab my hair in their beaks, and flap the wings. I was small as a young child, so these roosters were as big as me/bigger sometimes. I can still recall screaming, (many times) and my sisters come running with a broom to whack at the roosters..

            It is interesting the birds kick the corn out. None of my critters where I live will eat corn. we have been buying corn free birdseed.

            in fact, I got fresh corn that tasted wonderful. truly wonderful , very very cheap from Walmart. There were a couple of cooked cobs lefterover, so I scraped them off, and put out for birds/ critters (as well as one cob not scrapped off).

            imagine my surprise when no one would eat it. Not a bird/seagull/squirrel / deer would eat it. finally threw it in garbage after a couple of weeks.

            this disturbed us, as we have always thought critters were fairly smart re toxins etc. We came to think it might be GMO.

            well, imagine my surprise when I ran across an article (written in the united states) that Walmart had bought up masses of very sweet/great tasting GMO corn, but didn’t feel they could/would sell it in the states,so it was being sold (UNLABELLED) in Canada at the walmarts in Canada.

            yum yum yum (NOT). We have not bought any corn on the cob since. GROSS


          • Oh my! I am so sorry your country allowed Walmart to bring in and sell their GMO corn to you. What a disgusting practice GMO foods/insects are. I may have to look for corn free seed because the birds here don’t care much for the corn. At my last home we had lots of crows that would eat the corn the other birds didn’t so I didn’t bother finding corn-free seed.

            I keep forgetting you spent much of your youth on a farm. Sorry, but I had to laugh about the roosters attacking your hair. I know it must have been very frightening to a young child but animal behaviors, such as this, make me laugh because it shows that they aren’t cowed by how much larger we are to them. I know I would never take on, attack, a live being more than twice my size. Your story did remind me of one from many years ago. I’d taken my children on a working vacation to stay on a farm. We got permission to bring our dog, a beagle mix. That darn dog took to the farm alerting us when the pigs got out of their pen or the billy goat wasn’t where he should have been. But it was the turkey that decided they didn’t like our dog. One day my son was taking the dog out, leashed as always, when we heard this noise we had never heard before. The turkeys were “talking” to each other then ran and chased my son and the dog trying to attack. My son let out a scream and ran for his life. Thankfully, neither were seriously injured. Until that vacation I had no idea how violent turkeys were.


  3. I used to be a big fan of winter. I know, I am in the minority. But this year my body seems to be not so happy about it. Maybe it is my age showing, but there are times when I can’t seem to get warm. I still enjoy a good snow fall – not a few inches, but a foot or two like we had earlier this year – but 3 feet is too much. I think this last mega snow storm cured me of big, big snow storms. Shoveling all that snow wasn’t such a big deal until this year – and now I must do it without help from my husband who becomes totally blind in all that white. Yes, I now find myself looking towards spring. And that is a new place for me to be!!


    • I always found those who love winter to be a little crazy. 🙂 But I admit that if you can tolerate the cold there are opportunities for much enjoyment in winter. As a kid I loved the snow, even if I couldn’t be out in it for long, but by my teens I was tired of it and wanted to escape to a place that never saw a flake. Turns out I kept coming back and made the bargain to deal with winter just for the things I enjoy about this area the rest of the year.

      I hope the current storm doesn’t drop too much on you and you get a break from shoveling.


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