Making Do

There is almost always a way to save what appears at first to be a lost cause.  Take for example this kitchen cabinet we removed from the wall.

my house kitchen 3


With a coat of paint, hardware I had on hand, pieces from a broken desk (to make a top) and legs found at a yard sale I now have a cabinet to store clothes and craft supplies in.

cabinet after

But there are other things we discard rather than repair.  Stretchy pants for children quickly find holes in the knees. Cutting a cute shape from a piece of fabric becomes not only a patch but also a chance to personalize a child’s clothing.

heart patch

A lid from a jar can be re-purposed into a spoon rest without any work on your part.

spoon rest

A box from a bar of soap in just a few minutes can become a child’s favorite toy.

soap box

Look beyond the flaws and implied limitations and see what you can create to save money and reduce your trash


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