What I can live without




In order to escape I needed to know just how little I needed to stay above that line that divides contentment from discontent. This is the modern age so I’ll use my kitchen as the example.

There are a few appliances I never took to, a microwave is one.  How this over-sized box that takes up valuable counter space ever became such a staple in kitchens still escapes my imagination.  Food doesn’t taste any better, actually I find it tastes worse, coming out of this versus an oven or off the stove top yet one would be hard pressed to find more than a few kitchens without one.

I do have a stove, it came with the house. I learned I could just as easily do without a stove after experimenting with living without one for three years but the change in my lifestyle brings a need to own one now just for the canning I want to do.

The big side by side refrigerator that came with the house was sold right off and replaced with our chest freezer and a tiny dorm fridge.

As I held each item from my previous life I came across more than a few appliances that I had never questioned before. Why do I have a toaster? Is it really that important to burn bread to enjoy it?

In the end these are the things I continue to chose to live without and not a day goes by that I regret not having them

  • microwave
  • toaster oven
  • big refrigerator
  • television, and all the accessory pieces such as DVD player, cable box, entertainment center,
  • Cable television
  • Landline  phone
  • Stereo system
  • Car,
  • store rewards cards
  • credit cards,
  • debt
  • expensive vacations
  • A printer
  • electric mixer, can opener juicer etc
  • hair dryers,
  • electric shavers
  • clothes dryer

There are a few things that I found I couldn’t live without

  • slow cooker
  • sewing machine
  • a computer
  • for the moment a chest freezer
  • and while I could live without it, I enjoy the tablet I received as a gift to give me access to ebooks.

I find the less I own the more connected I feel to the activities that support my well-being.

What can you live without?


  1. Hello Lois, Found you!! 🙂

    As always a thought provoking post of what is really necessary in life. I guess a microwave is necessary for me right now. My husband’s vision is so bad, it is one of the few kitchen items he can manage safely by himself. But I probably could live with just a hot plate if it was just me. We also need a land line telephone because my husband does not want a cell phone. We are, however, preparing for getting rid of cable TV – big expense and we often sit quietly reading at night – never turning on the TV. I wish I could get to the point that I didn’t need a car. Big expense. And following that train of thought, as I have moved along in this life I find less and less I REALLY need. I didn’t come to that way of thinking early on in life like you – it has been a much later development – after being exhausted by just too much darn stuff. After 2 very serious household clean outs I am beginning a third. Like pealing the onion I am shedding the stuff that has hung on for so long. It is all a process.


    • Hi Elaine. We are fortunate today in that we have choices available to us that fit each person’s needs. I may dislike microwaves but for your husband they allow him a level of safe independence that would he would be robbed of otherwise. There was a time I didn’t have any phone and really enjoyed not having one but circumstances change and I need a phone for my independence. I don’t have a landline because I can’t take it everywhere with me should I need to call for help.

      Cable costs have gotten out of hand. Just 15 years ago cable cost us $20 a month. It seemed almost overnight the cost went to $50 and now is even higher than that. I always hated paying for television after growing up with free signals for the local channels. I felt progress in this case was not progress if it meant what was free now cost money. Guess I’m just grumpy when it comes to those types of “progress” that want in my wallet.


  2. so glad I found you again. I have been so worried about you. When I returned to college for another degree, I found myself preferring HGTV to studying… so we discontinued cable then (about 2004). We have not returned to cable, but do use ‘rabbit ears’ type receivers to get basic TV stations. The channels have expanded the past couple of years to include old-time TV shows, which our 7-year-old grandson loves. We don’t watch much TV; in fact, a friend recently was stunned when I didn’t know the ‘latest’ shows. She said they have the TV on constantly at their home. We enjoy our library books more! Just wanted to say hello; Don’t know what happened, I see your old site has been hacked & I was so very upset, but so glad to see you back online.


    • I missed you too Jan! Once the blog was hacked I had no way of getting in touch with people other than through blogs I followed and could only hope readers would see a comment I’d left and follow it to find me. HGTV can be addictive to me as well. Years ago, when I was a single mother going to college I began my own interior decorating business. It was something I could do without paying for childcare. So to find a channel devoted to decorating and landscaping was amazing, today that is the only channel I wish I could check out from time to time.

      I can’t imagine having the television on all the time but then again I think that’s because TV wasn’t the focal point of the home when I was younger. I fear I’m getting to be like my great-grandparents who told stories of when they were young making their youth sound better than what they saw happening later. I do miss the more carefree, and technology free, way we lived back then but I’ll try not to sound pathetic. 🙂


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