It’s Called the Rat Race for a Reason



Have you ever stopped to watch a hamster running on its wheel?   Running yet going no where and that’s exactly how life looks when we take a look at it from our vantage point.

Setting the alarm so one doesn’t oversleep, then downing the caffeine, coffee, to wake up. The human race is exhausted, yet so exhausted they haven’t stopped to ask if there is any other way to live. There is.

If we stopped caring what others around us might think we could make the changes necessary to have the life that suits us. We may not ever end up with the six figure, or higher, income but we don’t need it to be content, happy even once we find our priorities.

You know that metaphorical fork in the road?  It’s there every moment of our lives, all we need to do is notice it and take a chance down the other path. It might be the road that brings you a peaceful night’s sleep and no need for stimulants to get through the day.

How many more times will you pass the fork in the road before you choose to see what life can be like outside the rat race?

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