10 Simple Living Must Haves




There are certain things that should we try to live without them will find life isn’t worth living.  These are my must-haves, those things that make my life enjoyable.

  1. Laughter. A good belly laugh that leads to tears running down ones face is the best remedy for what ails the body and mind.  Best way to ensure a good laugh is to gather with friends over a light meal and let the conversation go where it may.
  2. Love and friendships.  There are all kinds of love; romantic, that of parent and child, between friends, love of nature or just the bonding between myself and the non-human animals in my life.  Love is a connection. If I’m not deeply connected to someone or something my health will suffer
  3. Good Food. I’m not talking about a gourmet meal or a fancy dessert, but whole foods that nourish our body and keep us healthy.  That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy our food just that it can’t harm my health in the process.
  4. Hydration.  We are made of mostly water and we live on a planet that is 70% water yet finding pure water is getting harder each day.   For this reason I use a good water filter, and plan to upgrade to one that even removes the fluoride, to quench my thirst.
  5. Food for the mind.  A good debate between friends online or in real life or a library of books at my disposal both will feeds my need for knowledge.
  6. Meditation. Along the same lines as food for the mind, meditation grounds us and opens us up to new experiences.  Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting in the lotus position and counting breaths, it can be any quiet activity that soothes the soul; a quiet walk in nature, a leisurely swim in a stream, or resting in the grass on a warm afternoon. Each activity will rest the mind and prepare it for new experiences.
  7. Sleep. Until the electrified light bulb we slept with the natural cycles of the earth going to bed when it got dark and waking with the sun.  While you won’t find me heading to bed at 5 pm, when it gets dark in the winter months, finding that right time to fall asleep and making it routine will find the body rested by morning without the need for an alarm clock is the goal I’m working towards.
  8. Sounds of nature.  Living in an air conditioned box isn’t for me. To do so leaves me feeling a disconnect with the natural world.  It’s important in my house to throw open the windows at the first sign of warm weather, forget the background noise of the television or radio and learn to embrace the silence for there is no real silence when you let nature in.
  9. Solitude. No matter how much I love the people in my life I still need time for myself. In the solitude you could find me with a book or any number of hobbies I have taken up in the past few years.  What I do during those moments of solitude is what my heart calls for at that moment.
  10. New Experiences.  Life cannot be allowed to become stagnant.  Many years ago a mother of one of my children asked if she could do a numerology chart for me. I figured why not, this could be interesting.  While not sure I even bought into numerology, I found myself very distressed by the results. There was nothing different from one year to the next.  Was my life going to become like the movie Groundhog Day where I would live the same type of day, doing all the same activities even day for the next 20 years as the charts showed. I couldn’t picture anything worse that could happen to me.  New experiences include travel (nearby or far away), learning new things, meeting new people and getting involved in new groups.  Just get out and do something new each day.

What are you top ten must haves?


I'd love to hear your thoughts, won't you please tell me what's on your mind?

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