Hiring An Artist

I have been wanting a large piece of art on the wall to replace the tree branch I put up for Christmas, and have been decorating ever since.  Today I found the artist who will be creating this for me.  I haven’t decided how much I will pay her for the piece but can’t wait to get into the city to purchase the canvas for her to work on.

It all started with a few ideas I’d been looking at online, Pinterest is a wonderful place for inspiration, unfortunately I had saved these without keeping the original source, if you recognize one or  more of these please let me know so I can give proper credit.  Here are a few I found.

I liked the bright colors of this flower.


There was this idea of wooden letters, I thought I might be able to use cardboard and brighten it up with more color than what was here.


Then there was this piece created with paper.


There was even this made from wood.


Then there were stripes.  This one made me a little dizzy but there was something I liked about it.


I thought some thing like this might be simple enough.


I love this, it’s simple yet colorful.


Then there was this from Lake Girl Paints. I checked out her etsy shop as well and was further inspired.

Pallet Art Some Beach Somewhere

I might be talented enough to create something similar to one of these.


And finally this from the Simply Living Blog.  I’ve seen several forms of this all over Pinterest, which uses scrap book paper many on large canvases.


Then today I gave my grandchildren some spiral notebooks given to me.  My grand daughter immediately got to work creating this.  She wanted no help, no direction, and no suggestions. I wasn’t about to interfere I was enjoying watching her.  There was no hesitation or critique of her work; she created for the pure joy of it, confident in her ability.


Then she proceeded to work with a combination of markers and crayons and came up with this.


She proceeded to create another picture completely different, using circles and intersecting circles.  It too was gorgeous, but I forgot to get a picture.  Looking at her creations I realized I didn’t have to worry about inspiration, she has enough for both of us.

So the only question left now is what to pay her when she completes my latest art piece.  What do you think a 4 year old should earn for her art?



    • I am so impressed by the incredible amount of talent in the world. With that much talent I wonder why so many people buy massed produced stuff to display on their walls. Wasn’t that wall of word gorgeous?


  1. Awwww… I think that is utterly fantastic! Have you thought of letting her set her own price? Given the things you’ve said about her I can imagine her asking for a bouquet of flowers or an ice cream cone!


    • That is a great idea. I had thought of taking her out to eat as a special treat but a bouquet of flowers would be something she would like even more. I knew asking the question would bring me some great ideas.


    • Thank you. Her parents jokingly tell me that because of me they are going to have a huge investment in art lessons for her. When she was very little she hated being in the car seat. By the time she reached 5 or 6 months old I’d introduced her to pen and paper, supervised. So in the car to keep her occupied I would hand her a tiny memo book and pen. She was obsessed with making marks on paper, and she has only improved with time.


    • I can’t wait either. I probably won’t get into the city for a couple of weeks so expect it mid April. You are so right, she would love more art supplies, which is what she wanted, and received, for Christmas as well.


    • You know, she would be happy with simply those three things and knowing that her art is a focal point on my wall which would tell her how much I love her. When my boys were growing up I saw the changing times and knew they would never have the confidence that they would have one job their entire lives like previous generations. I told them to find something they liked to do and have that as a back up for hard times. So for my grand daughter I want to impress upon her, by giving her some payment, that her art could be her fall back even if she finds something else she ends up doing for her main income.


  2. I LOVE your 4 year old granddaughter’s art work! Yes, she’d be my pick to decorate my wall, hands down.
    I agree with Eco Cat Lady, ask her what she would charge to paint wall art for you….you could guide her by helping her to think of the supplies she will need and the cost of those. Help her figure out how much time might be involved (transportation time getting to the job and time creating art) to help her figure her rate. And she might surprise you and not chose money for compensation. I would let her choose and honor what she tells you. It would be like running a lemonade stand, trading small things with my sisters and around the neighborhood and doing some chores for my grandmother. I learned valuable life experience about money, work, business, working with customers, bartering and had much FUN from those cherished childhood experiences.

    I’d like you to tell her that I’ve seen her sketch…I’d be interested in getting a bid from her on a small piece for a wall in my office room in my home. I’d like to choose the color pallet from her existing crayons or markers if that would be OK with her. Crayons or markers, something you already have. I’m not kidding. I will commission her. ….but strictly via a middle person — you or her parents. Let me know!!
    s c a t t e r s o m e j o y a t h o t m a i l d o t ……


    • Wow! I’m so shocked, Terri, that you would want to commission her to create something for your home. I will talk to her parents and see what they think and get back to you. When I decided to show her work it was with a grandmother’s pride, never thinking other people would see a similar value to it. What size are you talking about?

      I remember the days of the lemonade stands, there was a business that taught children so much. It is a shame that today people are locked up in their cars and don’t stop for that glass of lemonade any more. We do have some children here who have a modified version of that when their parents have yard sales, they will set up an area with drinks to earn their own money, or sometimes a table of their things they chose to sell and can keep the money for themselves, but they will never have those memories you and your sister have.

      I do like your idea of talking to her about what would go into her costs and letting her set up her own prices.


      • I agree with AnExactingLife, the art piece is amazing. It stuck me immediately.

        After writing my comment I got to thinking….if exchaning money is not comfortable with her parents, then maybe this would work. I have a degree in geology and have thousands of rocks which enthrall kids when I do geology presentations at schools/boy scouts or more infomally in my living room floor. If she’d like to do a barter thing and that is OK with her parents, then maybe she’d like to create an art piece for me and in exchange I could send her a few neat rocks along with some small experiments to do. Or as I mentioned before I’d pay her to make me a drawing.

        Size: I’d be happy with the same size she drew on the lined paper in your post, an 8×10 or sketch book size, simple….so it fits in my budget and can be simply mailed in a large envelope, couple of postage stamps. I have lots of scrap book paper that I can matte it on and get a frame at at thrift shop. I’d send you a picture of it on my wall to give to her.

        I value what kids create and your granddaughter obviously does have talent. The piece you pictured got my attention immediately. I started looking at how she drew the rounded shapes and connected them. I was thinking of whether I could do that or not. That tells you something! I’m creative, but not talented with drawing or coloring.

        I loved hearing how she asked you to just watch and you did letting her create it just like she wanted.

        Just yesterday, someone critiqued, admired and valued my portfolio of photographs. It made a world of difference in how I felt about myself and my photography. What you are doing by asking your granddaughter to make art for your walls which you will display is the same, priceless in terms of what this will do for her and how much this shows her that her work is valued. She will see the care you are taking to get her a sketch book, a canvas, etc. This stuff matters Lois. It matters a lot. She very lucky to have you for a grandmother. Your grandmother’s pride beams through every post you mention your grand children in! (Please feel free to email me on my personal email so I can tell you more about myself and won’t be such a stranger.) Love your blog, I’ve been reading for a few months now.


        • It was a lot of fun watching her. She started with a circle then began what she calls squiggles around it, each one had a particular shape, every now and then she would stop and appraise the design then connect different squiggles to another and move on.

          It depends on what she is doing, some days the picture is going to be a gift and she will want to complete it on her own, other times she designs something and wants us to color it in with her. But art is something she has loved consistently.

          I’ve talked to her parents and after deciding it was fine, they spoke to her. She is very excited and I think sending a picture to show it displayed would make her day. I will email you directly so we can talk further.


  3. How fun! That will be the sweetest art piece. My grandaughter loves to paint with me.
    Funny…I still travel with a notebook and pen in the car. You never know when an idea will hit!
    Thanks for the props on the pallet beach art!
    Much appreciation,
    Deb @ LakeGirlPaints


    • Hi Deb, thank you. Your work is so amazing, I’m sure your grand daughter is learning much from you. Until I gave up my car I always kept pen and paper with me. Now we go for walks instead. I carry one of my reusable bags with me so the grand kids, or I, can pick up and bring home interesting things we find. You never know what you will see.

      Btw, when I saw your beach pallet art I wanted it so badly, and tried to find it on your esty page. Who ever has it is one lucky person.


    • She has been really excited to know I want her to design the piece that will be the focal point of my room. I have decided to pick her up more art supplies when I get the canvas and maybe take her out for a bagel brunch one day. Of course it goes without saying she will get hugs and kisses and know her work and talent is appreciated.


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