A Heartfelt Request

After much time spent restoring chairs, tonight I had a very different task given to me.  I was asked to repair some dress up clothes.  Not my favorite task, I’d rather be working on another chair 🙂 but some times the little jobs aren’t just necessary but are a lesson in themselves.

My grand children stopped in for a short visit today and each brought with them a Halloween costume that needed repaired. You know the ones, they are mass produced every year and sold at the large discount chains (do I need to mention the name?)


These costumes are cheaply made and don’t hold up well to more than a couple uses.  But some children love to dress up during the year and wear their costumes regularly.

After a Minnie Mouse party yesterday, a Minnie Mouse costume was worn today.  Extra clothes were brought so she could switch into them while this was left with me for the  night.


So if this isn’t my favorite task why would I do it?  I do it because it’s rare to have small children ask someone to repair their clothes rather than ask for new ones.  It’s a lesson I hope they will keep with them as they grow up.

What chores do you do that you don’t particularly enjoy because it’s the right thing to do?



    • Dressing up is so much fun for little ones. We did find a costume at a thrift shop last year that needed mending, but for .50 it was worth mending. I wish I had the talent and patience for making costumes myself it would be one less thing bought at the big bad discount store.


  1. Hi Lois,
    plus, these are favorite items of your grandkids. And that to me would make it worth my effort to repair them. I am certain that your grandkids will appreciate your time and effort to make their favorite dress-up clothing last longer!

    One of my daughters had a stuffed bear that went with her everywhere, for several years. She also had a habit of chewing on this bear, and consequently he would disintegrate from time to time. I repaired “baby bear” over and over. He had 2 total body transplants (favorite chewing spots), and numerous arm and leg repairs. It was totally worth it to take the time to fix him. My daughter’s appreciation was evident in her eyes when I’d hand a repaired bear back to her.


    • How sweet and what a job that must have been. I laughed at your term body transplants, never heard that one before but can just imagine.

      Yes, the costumes are favorites this being the only one my grandson has and likes, but my grand daughter has a whole container of dress up clothes that are constantly in need of repair.


  2. I do not hand sew well, but I am the designated button sewer and small hole mender–I am not crazy about these jobs but when I do them, I have grateful recipients. Much of what I do that is domestic is not really what I would choose to do, but it needs to be done.


  3. Picking up Ruby’s poo on our daily walk and carrying it home to put in the bin. After having stepped in other people’s dog poo, I know it’s absolutely the right thing to do!


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