Slow February

Last year I followed Christine at Slow Living Essentials for an end of the month recap.  This year I decided to do something different and recap at the end of each month what I was able to save from ending up in landfills.  This month was truly a slow month for finding things tossed out, but that’s not to say I didn’t find any thing.

IMG1444First up was the chair I showed you yesterday.  It is being delivered in the morning to my son and his wife to complete their dining room.

Their wish was for 4 chairs and with 3 I found near the end of summer they have chairs that were made just for them.

While they insisted on paying me, we finally settled on $20 for the lot which is a much better bargain than if they had bought all new chairs to suit their tastes.



I have also saved 3 paint cans this month.  The first I showed you earlier this week. I am using it as a planter to start Cosmo flower seeds in.  My grandson helped me plant them and was excited to see they are already sprouting in the window.


I’ve had several large bags of cardboard delivered to me, rather than toss in the recycling bins.  I’ve cut them down and am using them for crafts for the children rather than buying construction or other paper.

I also shared with you a VHS cabinet that was changed into a bookshelf for my eldest grand daughter.  I used the left over paint from her bedroom trim, a 50 cent bedskirt I found at a yard sale and pages from her coloring book to personalize the cabinet.  She is currently using the skirted shelves for her dolls to play house in as well as storing her books on it.




A quick sewing project gave the little ones an apron each from the scrap bag of fabrics.











I finished off two chairs that were found last month and showed them to you.


When people drop off magazines, I usually take them to the library to share.  Now and then I find one that has such amazing artwork in it that I clip out the pictures and reuse them.  This month I updated a plastic light switch cover that I had been sorely tempted to toss in the garbage.  It  had been covered with adhesive and paint by cleaning it up and decoupaging one of the pictures I found in a magazine it’s a favorite of everyone who stops by.


I saved a pillow that my ex nearly ruined with his snuff by cleaning with hydrogen peroxide which removed the stains wonderfully.



The unexpected section of a 1 by 4 piece of unfinished wood and some twigs along with leftover milk paint became a coat rack for the little ones to reach on their own.


I was able to give new life to a storage ottoman by adding reinforcement to the sides with shims and then added a more comfortable top using the filling from a torn couch cushion and left over fabric from another project.


I also dug out my scraps of aida cloth for cross stitch and have started to make small ornaments for next Christmas to use these up.


My grandson brought me a small water bottle that he told me we need to make something out of it so it doesn’t go into the garbage.  I love when kids learn to love the process of repurposing. I finally decided what I will do with this last night.  I’ll show you in a few days, but I will be creating a toy robot for him from it.


And finally for the month of February, I showed you the glass spaghetti jar with one of the photos from a magazine that I use for my baking soda dispenser for washing my dishes.

An old spaghetti jar with holes punched in the top and a pretty picture from a magazine is a lovely way to hold my baking soda for kitchen cleaning.
An old spaghetti jar with holes punched in the top and a pretty picture from a magazine is a lovely way to hold my baking soda for kitchen cleaning.


March is off to a good start.  I received 2 more chairs today which need a lot of attention.




Life isn’t all about work, while I do find restoring things to be fun, in the morning I will be celebrating my youngest grand daughter’s second birthday.  I’m sure it will be a fun day, her mother’s best friend hand made a pinata for the little ones to enjoy.  Her gifts are packed and ready to take in one of the bags I made for just such an occasion and I have to say it looks much better than wrapping paper any day.  The individual gifts are wrapped in saved tissue paper from Christmas I collected rather than toss away.


Did you have goals for February?  How did you fare meeting them?






  1. I just love seeing your projects. I dont get to see much from my smart phone so I am enjoying browsing through on my PC and getting some inspiration since I am stuck at home with a fractured spine – well some things have a silver lining lol. You are fabulous!


    • I broke my lower back in 1982 and I still recall the amazing pain, I hope it heals soon. I hope you find some inspiration you can do that doesn’t take much work so you can rest your spine.


  2. Your example is being noted by a child and so many people on WordPress. Inspiring and creative, I love how you bring the broken and abandoned back to life and usefulness. Well done.


    • Thanks Alex. I finally got the chance to give my youngest grand daughter her jewelry box. She loved hearing the music box I added to it so it was well worth the time to work on it. I also enjoy seeing the older two children bring things to me to stretch my imagination and knowing they are learning it’s not good to throw things out.


    • I plan to wait until my grandson comes over to let him work on it with me. It may not turn out the way I envision it in my mind, but if he adds his input he will be much happier. I’ll definitely share when it’s completed.


    • I loved following Christine last year as it opened my eyes to just how much can fit into a month’s time. I did find myself trying hard to think of some things for certain categories, for example using natural cleaners around the home, I don’t have much more I can do to green up the space so I thought I would change things up this year. I loved your monthly post!


  3. Gee, even though I’ve been keeping up with lots of your activities, it’s amazing to see you record then all in one month! You are so busy! Well done! I love the way you think outside the square.


    • Thanks Linda. When I sat down to write my monthly summary I at first could only recall the last chair as that was the most recent project, once I looked back I was honestly surprised I had done as much as I did.


  4. February was a slow month for keeping up with my blogger friends, so I was thrilled to get a catch-up today. My brain was hijacked when I decided to apply for a promotion. In the end, I was rejected, but encouragingly so. I have reclaimed my brain and set my compass for greater things. My next task is to learn Excel, one of the questions I “failed” in my interview. I am also back to my writing, which gives me much pleasure away from work, but is impossible when I am not in possession of my brain!


    • So that’s why you have been pretty quiet on your blog. I had hoped very much you weren’t giving up on blogging as I love your sense of humor and look forward to finding a post from you in my inbox. I’m sorry you didn’t get the promotion, good luck with learning Excel I’ve never tackled it so I would have failed that as well.


    • Thanks. I think we need to rename this lifestyle as simple living while accurate doesn’t express just how active a lifestyle this is. Sure, my food is simple and often times slowly prepared in the slow cooker. The gardening I enjoy and is a fun way to pass the time, same with the repair jobs, but a lot of people have the impression that when you embrace a simpler lifestyle it’s a lot of doing nothing. Any ideas for a new name?


  5. Another tip for an empty glass jar is to use any left over birthday paper wrap or tissue wrap.. I had some with pretty butterflies on them, I washed the jar and then used clear paper glue to paste the cut out butterflies onto the jar so it was entirely covered and then I had some left over varnish from my Paintbox from my painting I would do.. I let the paper glue dry and then covered with clear varnish.. I now use the jar to put my art paintbrushes in.. 🙂

    You certainly have had one busy month LSF and Ive so enjoyed your company and ideas 🙂 Many thanks Sue


    • That has to be one gorgeous paint brush jar. I like the idea of butterflies, I used a butterfly I found from a magazine on one of the jewelry boxes I did this winter. I do have a sheet of wrapping paper my neighbor gave me and am looking for just the right project to use it on. You would love it, it came from a charity for a Native children school as a thank you for a donation. I love the Native American designs on it.

      You know it really did feel like a slow month, much slower than I realized when I started to write it all down. 🙂


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