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I don’t care for much that is on television lately, but I was introduced to a new program on Fox called The Following and found myself wanting to watch the next episode.  I checked out Hulu and found the program. After only a couple of weeks Hulu made this program available only to paying subscribers, which I’m not. So is there another way to watch a television program?

I almost clicked the button to subscribe to Hulu, but thinking about the cost I asked myself if $2 an episode was something I wanted to spend.  I didn’t.  The program is a good one, I stay engrossed in it, and I really do enjoy it….but it will not make my life some how unbearable if I do not watch it,  nor will it enhance my life by watching it.

From Google images
From Google images

Yet the desire to watch the program stayed with me.  I then remembered my ex asking if he could watch NCIS when he was here.  I checked Hulu and found that it was only available on CBS’s website.  I wondered if FOX offered the same service and sure enough, there it was, free to watch.  The only catch is that the program is only available free 8 days after it airs for television viewers.

I can definitely wait 8 days. Can you?

Instead of paying exorbitant fees for cable television, or to eliminate some of the subscriptions you are currently paying for online to view programming consider going right to the source and freeing up your bills.

Do you pay to watch television programs and movies?  What other ways have you found to view free programs?



  1. Hmmmm… I fear you might regret asking me this particular question. But, since you asked…

    1) Antenna! Yes! The giant antenna that’s been in the attic of my house for probably 40 years now still works wonderfully and gets most channels. The only problem is that the antenna was installed before the tree in the backyard grew to its current size so there are a few channels that don’t come in well (including the channel with all the Broncos games – heaven forbid I miss a Broncos game!) BUT, those channels come in great with a small rabbit ears antenna. So I got a little switch box for $10 to easily switch between antennas.

    2) Antenna through computer with Windows Media Center as DVR. I also have a TV receiver card in my computer that allows me to plug in an antenna and watch off the air television through my computer. You can either use the software that came with the card, or (as I prefer) just use Windows Media Center. It’s nice because it has a full schedule of shows, and it’s really easy to record anything – works just like a DVR. The only trick is you have to remember to leave the computer on during the times when the show is on! I use this system to watch TV while I’m working (I just put it up in a small window in the corner of the screen) but I’ve also run an HDMI cable from the computer to the TV so I can lay on the couch and watch recorded shows. I’ve even got a cool remote control/mouse that functions like a Wii game controller – it also has easy buttons for playing shows recorded through windows media center.

    3) Free TV shows on the web! Most of the networks offer the majority of their shows on their web pages, but often the individual show will also have the entire season on the website for the individual show. YouTube also has some full length feature films as well as documentaries, and of course there’s TED. Sometimes I watch this stuff on my computer, but often I use the connection to the TV to watch it on the big screen TV. HULU used to have a free version, and there’s another similar service called Boxee – but I haven’t checked into either one lately because I’m sort of overwhelmed with content.

    4) ROKU! A few years ago CatMan got me a streaming device called a Roku player. It’s a little box about the size of a deck of cards that connects to your wifi and television. It basically delivers streaming web content, but only through roku apps (or channels as it calls them.) The box cost about $40 and while you can use it to stream paid services like Netflix or Hulu, there’s also a TON of free channels. There are movies and television shows, and documentaries, and educational channels, and just about anything else you can think of.

    5) The good old library. My local library has an amazing collection of DVDs including many popular television shows. Since I’m years behind in terms of this stuff, it’s great to be able to check out the entire season of xyz show.

    OK… that’s it. I apologize for the lengthy response!


    • Cat I love when you have the answers! My son has Roku so I am familiar with that one. The majority of what you mentioned is over my head technically, but I understand the antenna and the library 🙂

      Really good ideas thank you, for any one who wants to eliminate the monthly cost of programming I think you just wrote the book for them!


  2. We haven’t had a television in our home for 33 years so we’re out of the loop as it relates to TV shows. We’re avid readers, but on our date nights, we get a movie from the library and watch it on one of our laptops.


    • I”m glad it is affordable for you. I don’t watch very much TV programming and when I do it’s on my computer as I don’t own a TV. I do find I prefer a good documentary to sitcoms and other things found on regular programming.


  3. We gave up our cable service quite a long time ago. It was liberating! We realized that there weren’t that many quality programs on the basic channels and even the few that were good were completely ruined by so many commercials. Also, we were trapped in their schedule. And (the biggie) the cost of service kept going up while the selection when down. Now we go to the networks to watch the programs we like … they have far fewer commercials and we can watch when we’re in the mood. We really don’t care that we have to wait for a program … once you get into the routine, it’s just like waiting for the weekly series on regular TV. We love “The Following”. 🙂


    • Isn’t that a great show? It’s so different from the normal stuff you find on TV. I only watch a couple of shows on a very irregular schedule, I just forget about them, except the following which I can’t wait to see each week. I was using the free service from Hulu, but now they make you pay for most things so I now go right to the channel and watch it there like you.


  4. I won’t pay to watch television. There are sites on the internet which often have links to sources that one can watch a favoured episode via the internet free.


    • How much longer do you think before subscription television goes the way of the dinosaurs? I know quite a few people who are using things like NetFlix to watch their programs on their televisions and not paying for cable, which is so much cheaper.


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