A Break From Winter Doldrums

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely getting the itch to be outdoors and play in the garden.  Most years I wait until the end of May when we can safely plant to start flower seeds and end up with a planter by the door doing much of nothing for a good part of the summer.  Up close you can see the flowers growing but it’s nothing to view from a short distance.  Today I am taking steps to remedy that problem.

I have been saving all the paint cans from projects and started with this little black one.  First off it really bothers me that our paint cans are being made from plastic, so I need to find ways to re-purpose them rather than trying to see if they can be recycled. Even if they could be recycled it is my understanding that plastic can only be recycled once.


I still had a small amount of potting soil left from last summer, just enough to fill this can and start some seeds.  Why by a planter when there are plenty of items that can be turned into planters.  I could pretty up the can, but I’ll save that for another day when I’m more crafty than today.


I get brilliant morning sun in my front window, okay the only window.  I set the container there to absorb the heat that radiates in.


My son, his wife and daughter all have the stomach bug that’s going around. It’s lasted long enough and wearing everyone down so they headed to the doctor. Since my grandson is feeling better I was asked to watch him.

This was him only a few days ago, the normally energetic little one wouldn’t leave the couch and slept most of the day and night when not running for his bucket or the bathroom.


He walked in the door and showed me his hand.  He informed we we shouldn’t throw things out, and asked what we could make with this.


I didn’t have much time for crafting today, but we needed to refill the bird feeder. Carefully filling the bottle with birdseed he could then pour into the feeder satisfied him for today.

My grandson didn’t arrive alone, I was asked if I could watch the newest member of the family as well.  I was glad to. Meet Zakk


Zakk is a 3 month old Golden Retriever.  He joined the family this past Wednesday and you can see from this picture he is already doing his job.  He was intent on watching ever move my grandson made, not allowing him out of his site.

While outside a neighbor came home and shared with me that her parents are keeping her dog, the same breed until her sporting season is completed at the university then he will be joining her here and she was happy to know her dog would have someone to play with in the field.

Of course a boy is never without his dog.  While trying to recover a ball that rolled under my bed Zakk whined then followed his boy.


It felt good to be outside again, even if it is still a little nippy with a high of only 34F.   Now back to work.

Has it warmed enough where you are to be able to spend some more time outside?  Are you getting seedlings started? Oh, and any suggestions for what to do with his water bottle?



  1. We’re approaching autumn/winter so don’t remind me! With the bottle – look at my latest blog post – you could make it into a funnel? Not super interesting and exciting but it is a reuse of sorts.


    • I thought of a funnel as I tried to pour the bird seed into his bottle, but I think he wants something a little more interesting for him to take home and play with. Thanks for the idea though, I could use help on this one.


  2. OMG, is there anything cuter than a golden retriever puppy? I have a few old water bottles that I use for my ‘no poo’ solutions, but that’s probably not a very satisfying solution for a young boy. Maybe he could water your flower seeds with it?


    • I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that suggestion, he did like feeding the birds with it though so watering the flower seeds could work. On the other hand, I have been looking for a better idea for my no-poo, currently I’m using a cup, but it’s harder to get the mixture right where I want it.

      As for the puppy, he is adorable. I asked my grand daughter the first day if he could some times spend the night with me like she and her brother do. She almost burst into tears and told me no he lived with her and she would be so sad if he wasn’t there. It nearly broke my heart, but I guess that means I can only have him during the days


      • Awwww… guess your grandson isn’t the only one who’s attached to Zakk.

        In terms of bottles for no poo, the ones with those nipples pull up lids work the best.


        • I definitely took to Zakk right from the start. They brought him over today and my daughter-in-law laughed because as soon as he walked in and saw me he began wagging his tail and ran right for me to give me his attention.

          Thanks I’ll keep that in mind, I figure at some point some thing will show up that will be perfect, I’m in no rush to run out and buy something to wash my hair.


    • They really are. Even though he follows and watches the kids closely it’s my daughter-in-law that he is attached to. If she leaves the room he whimpers and runs to join her, even sits outside the bathroom door whimpering until she reappears.


  3. I was thinking the same thing Cat was. Use it as a watering bottle for plants inside. The top is narrow enough that he should be able not to spill too much when he uses it. Also, my kids would have had a great time in the bathtub with that bottle just as it is.


  4. I tried to like your post today but it wouldn’t let me. Maybe a computer glitch so I’ll leave a comment to let you know I enjoyed reading. So sorry for everyone who has the flu. What a sweet dog and lucky grandson. I’m still not out much yet and the weather has been quite dry and crisp. Warming for a few days to tease us then back to normal. Getting itchy to get out and plant something somewhere. It’s almost here.


    • Our weather is turning cold again here too. I’ve been having the same problem trying to like other peoples writing, I think it may be a problem with wordpress. Every one seems to be over the stomach bug and luckily for me I am the only one who made it through without getting it. Marlene, I am definitely with you itching to get outside and start planting.


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