In Those Quiet Winter Moments

I am taking it easy today, I turned off the computer early yesterday and worked on some small cross stitch patterns and enjoyed the quiet.  Today will be more of the same, finishing up things before starting new ones.  I thought I would share a few of the little things I have completed since the year began.

There is nothing better on those cold days when the air is so cold even the precipitation becomes ice particles hitting the windows rather than snow, like yesterday.  It’s those days I like to curl up with no sound other than the wind and ice outside my window with  my favorite comfy blanket and work on something quiet.  That’s when I pull out my needle and threads and start little things that will become gifts for next Christmas.

Ornament ready to finish


Another small ornament


I will be giving each grand child a hand made ornament this next Christmas, something I plan to do each year for them.  This one will go to my youngest grand-daughter.


Prewashed and ready to make into something nice for my youngest son a huge Cowboys fan.


Can’t leave out the eldest son who, like me, is a Steeler fan.


And finally, there are some children you simply adopt and need a little gift as well.  A friend of my youngest son is one of those persons.  In his teen years he even lived with us for a period of time.  I don’t get to see him or his family often, but Christmas I can count on him stopping by.


I’m sure I will find time to work on more through out the year and will share them and how I finished these pieces off later.

How do you while away the hours during winter?

Hope you are having a great weekend. 



    • Knowing the little ones would want to hang them on their trees at home, I asked their parents first and received a resounding yes, they liked the designs I had been saving and thought they would make lovely additions to their decorations. Cross stitching seems to be on the out right now, not many people are doing it any more, one of those fads that goes out of style. Yet there are so many beautiful patterns out that if you are willing to spend the time you can make your own art much cheaper than buying art, which is why I originally started I couldn’t afford to buy things for the house that weren’t a necessity.

      I’ve watched lately how my boys have so much appreciation for the little things that they received from their great grandparents who are no longer with us and thought this would be a nice way for me to leave something for my grand children to have when I am no longer here, at the same time they don’t have to have them out all year.


  1. When its windy,cold and snowing I settle down with either knitting ,crocheting and a book on cd. I enjoy the story
    and my fingers fly. I enjoy all projects large and small.Our shelters and other area support centers are always in need of afghans,hats,mittens,slippers and scarves. Hope everyone is having a cozy weekend.


    • I have never been able to listen to a book on CD I tend to tune them out after a bit forgetting to listen. I do the same with commercials when I am by a TV, people have to remind me I want to see the Super Bowl commercials or I’d zone out then too.

      I think it’s great you find the time to make things to donate to those in need. Years ago, when I lived in New Mexico (early 1991/2) I used to make plenty of blankets and scarves and drop them off at the homeless shelter there, then I got out of the habit and too busy to make things for others, it’s definitely something I need to take the time for again.


  2. I like to work with wool in winter, all I can knit is scarves though. I also love to curl up with a book and a snuggly rug. I think it’s special to give your grandchildren something you have made. I’ve got some embroidery my grandmother did when she was at school which she gave to me and I treasure it.


    • How wonderful that you have your grandmother’s embroidery, it must be lovely! I have never learned to knit. I do remember sitting on our front porch around second grade with knitting needles, but I only learned how to start it, so I would get a row done and then pull it out and start over. My grandmother knew how to crochet but not knit so he handed me a crochet hook and I never saw the knitting needles again.


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