Beauty Waiting For An Idea

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and suggestions after I posted yesterday about my son’s health.  It really does help to receive support from you.  Thank you so much!

Today I wanted to lighten things up by sharing some free art I found.

I mentioned before that I receive magazines from others who know I will try to re-purpose them, well yesterday I received the latest Spirituality and Health magazine and found amazing images I will save to use on future projects.   I used one image from a previous issue of the magazine on my switch plate I showed you Saturday and also the pictures I decoupaged onto a jewelry box I showed you here.

I was instantly drawn to the image of a porcelain (?) bird’s nest on the cover. Of course I can’t use the full picture as it is partially covered by words.


Illuminate by Tracy Spadafora


Untitled by Ann Wood


2 Lime Chairs: Connected, 2007 by Lisa Solomon


Future Suburbs by Barbara McPhail.  This image was part of an article on Fracking.IMG1379

Tho It Appears Without, It is Within by Alexandra Eldridge


Image by: Sprague Theobald/Hold in the Wall Productions


I think each of the above pictures are gorgeous and just need the right project to make them live on well beyond the paper magazine which can be torn or lost.
If your ability to paint is as limiting as mine is you don’t have to despair, keep your eyes open and you will find there are many free ways to include art into your home, magazines are only one way.

Where do you find inspiration for your home?



  1. The work with the deer is so lovely and has so much to look at in it. I like to collect images from magazines or stamps or even interesting business cards and I blue tack them onto the wall above my painting table. Put together they make an artwork of their own.


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