What can you do with that?

I have a busy day today so this is just a short post to share a couple of things I’m working on, and a perfect find that came visiting.

I have a friend who believes that if you wait long enough you will find exactly what you want and need.  That may be so for my son and daughter-in-law.  If you remember this summer I found 3 chairs sitting out for trash. After repairs and fresh paint they are  now happily being used in their dining room.

New chairs and Thanksgiving feast
New chairs and Thanksgiving feast

I only found 3 chairs on that particular day and my daughter-in-law had wanted 4.  I sent her a picture of the last two chairs I found, but she wasn’t sold on the style, then this weekend I received a knock at my door asking me if I could use a wooden chair that was currently sitting out waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck.  Real wooden chair going to the landfill,  not happening.  It was mine.  My neighbor was nice enough to go back out and get it for me.

I took one look at this chair and knew it was going to be the chair my daughter-in-law would want.  Her answer when I sent her this picture was “Yes, Yes, Yes!!!”


I pointed out that this chair was a little wider and taller than the other two chairs which matched, but I could tie them together with the same color paint.  She was sold.

Work in Progress

My friend Katherine of Pillows a la Mode has page on her site called “What can you make with a…”  Katerine I hope you don’t mind but decided to borrow your idea for today.  My latest re-purposing project is nearly done, but not ready to share yet today, I’ll share it tomorrow with you.  For now, I thought I would give you a chance to see if you can come up with what I am doing by giving you a couple of photo  hints.  Here they are:

First up an over-sized coloring book belonging to my grand-daughter.


A 50 cent white ruffled bed skirt found at a yard sale.


I will help you out on this.

  1. This is not a sewing project.
  2. Some paint will be involved.
  3. I do not own a printer, so no I am not making transfers from the coloring book.

Please leave your ideas in the comments, if you come up with something I may not have thought of on my own, you may find yourself getting credit for one of my up coming projects when I borrow your idea.


I have a picture of my grandson enjoying his apron.  You may remember I made two aprons for the little ones, but he had fallen asleep before his was completed.  Here’s my grand daughter showing off hers.


And now my grandson wanted his chance to show off his.


That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with the answer to what my latest project is and share with you who was closest on their guess from my clues.




  1. A princess canopy for your granddaughter’s bed. I imagine you could make that happen with some ribbon and a large cross-stitch hoop or small hula hoop! Might require a little sewing though… Hmmmm!


    • I’m not sure if there is a no-sew princess gown, but if there is please let me know I might be better at making one if I didn’t have to sew it together. It’s a solid chair, needs a little glue and of course a paint job for it to match the rest of their dining room.


  2. I’m also a believer that what you want turns up eventually and its so great when that happens too.. The chair I can see will fit in nicely with the other three.. and your Grandson looks all set to get stuck in to help you with that apron.. Amazing what we can create with a little know-how and patience.. and things that are left over.. 🙂 I loved the finished Project 🙂


    • It really does seem to be true that if you are patient enough you can find what you need. The chair will fit in nicely and being a bit larger than the others I already know it will become my son’s favorite chair as being 6’2″ he likes things more to his scale. The kids both like their aprons and use them not only to help in the kitchen but for play, I’m glad I was able to make something useful from leftover fabric.


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