Twins no more, a before and after story

I thought I would share this with you tomorrow, but I have been waiting for so long to share it that I can’t wait any longer.  For those of you who don’t have the time for the Friday Faves right now, here’s a quick before and after.

Do you remember these chairs I found waiting for the dumpster?

dirty, worn and needing a few repairs
dirty, worn and needing a few repairs

I showed you a quick peek at them a few days ago, but waiting on a fabric order for the chair I was keeping for myself delayed my showing you the finished chairs.  Here they are now.

First the one I will give away

All it needed was a good sanding, clear coat sealer, a little glue on one joint and some new cushioning and fabric. I know it sounds like a lot, but I already had everything.


I added new cushioning to the seat and the back as everyone who sat on it remarked that it would be perfect if the back wasn’t so hard.  Had to fix that complaint and this was what I came up with. Since I was running out of the cushioning I simply added it to the front of the chair and fabric only on the back to finish off the look.

The cushioning I saved last summer and am almost out now that I am finished with these two chairs.  It was used on several projects as was this fabric. The fabric (upholstery weight) was picked up for $5 and was used on the re-purposed entertainment center (you can see here) and the cushion to go with it, and the stool (here).  I now have two tiny pieces left not even large enough to make a pillow. It will go in the scrap bag for something down the road.

The other chair

Now this one I am keeping.  It also needed a good sanding, was missing a screw to hold the seat on and one screw was stripped.  I used leftover milk paint from the chairs I found on the curb which are  now in my son’s dining room (you can see them here).  I used the majority of the cushioning I saved again, using up the last of it on this one.  The fabric was the only thing I bought, it is faux alpaca fur, way different for me but I’m liking it. Total cost with shipping was $16.


On the chair that I am giving away I used two layers of the cushioning for comfort, but on this chair it seemed to need more as the fluffy faux fur just screamed for real thick, sink into, cushioning so I used 4 layers of cushioning.

This chair is already a favorite, my grand daughter decided it wasn’t complete enough and found a pillow in the house that she says is perfect, you can judge for yourself how her decorating skills are coming along.


Here are both chairs side by side.  Which do you like best?


Sharing this on the Sunday Showcase Party


    • Thank you sistah! It is different, and very different for me too. My only concern now is keeping it clean 🙂 I have already tried it out a few times and it is comfy, people who sit on it keep running their fingers through the fur because it is so soft.


    • They did have a thin laminate on them but being old and very well used it wasn’t too hard to get off using 60 grit sand paper. I was disappointed with the chair I am giving away. Other than the orange tones which are gone now you have to look closely to see the wood grain that I thought would show up better. It still has that laminate look to the wood and now I wish I had painted it too.


    • I am still loving it. This was so far out of my comfort zone working with it and knowing I would have children around frequently. I finally decided to go with my gut and try something that felt right for this chair. Happy Chair is a great name for it.


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