Chemical overload

I had a wonderful weekend, we had three celebrations in two days.  First there was the Super Bowl which I always watch with my son and his wife, then we celebrated my daughter-in-law’s 25th birthday.  Who was it who first thought it was funny to wish someone a happy 25th birthday by reminding them they are now a quarter of a century old?  Not nice and I’ve yet to meet any one who appreciated that remark.  Finally my son and his father were able to enjoy a night out.  For Christmas my son bought his father tickets to a college basketball game they could attend together.  The game was Monday night, and they had a great time his father has said this was the best present he ever received.  Score one for the gift of experiences.

For my daughter-in-law’s birthday I had purchased her a three bottle sample of body sprays made with essential oils, from this Etsy shop.  She has begun to experiment with essential oils around the home instead of air fresheners and loved her present.  She allowed her nearly two year old daughter to smell the fragrances and two of the three got an instant thumbs up from her.

Upon arriving home I began to go through my email (after a good rest) and found a post from Enviroblog about perfume, which left me unsettled.  I personally don’t like perfumes and colognes. I like the smell of fresh washed skin. Every person has their own scent and I like the naturalness of a body without added fragrances.  So imagine my surprise when I learned companies are making perfumes for babies.  BABIES!! You can read the entire post here.

First a baby doesn’t need perfumes, they have a lovely scent as it is.  When I think of babies I think of how they smell and how they feel (the softness of their skin) .  While I bought fragrances for an adult, never would I or any member of my family think to put perfumes on a young child, yet alone a baby!

What are people thinking to be adding even more chemicals to a baby’s young immune system?  Don’t they have enough to contend with with all the chemical cleaners, plastic toys and bottles, or commercial laundry detergents to name just a few things?

Not only do babies have to deal with chemicals after their birth but they are affected by everything we come into contact with.  It was believed for years that it only mattered what a mother did, but we now know a father’s sperm can carry with it many things harmful to a child as well.

What your great-grandmother was exposed to in pregnancy may cause disease in you without any exposure

I read the above quote in a post from Eco-Crap on the lasting effects of  chemicals you can read the entire article here.  Scientists are now finding evidence that what we are exposed to in our lifetimes may be carried on through future generations, even if we have no exposure to the chemical in our own lives.  This is quite scary. Think of agent orange or any of the now  banned, and even more frightening the not yet banned, chemicals we are exposed to.  We now need to worry about whether our exposure can hurt family we may never even meet.
So back to perfumes for babies.  I would love for someone to tell me exactly why we need to spray something on such an innocent little human being without their permission, and without thinking what the consequences may be down the road as a result.

How do you feel about perfumes?  Would you ever spray one on a baby?  Do you use them on yourself? 




  1. Glad you enjoyed your mini trip. As for me, I never use perfume, it’s way to strong for me. People are nuts to use them on babies!


    • We do have a lot in common Jackie, when in groups of people I have to stay on the outside edges because the mixture of all the scents used on the bodies overwhelms my senses and makes breathing hard. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks it’s nut to use perfumes on babies.


  2. Sadly, I bet a lot of people think of “baby smell” as the scent of baby powder (now corn starch) and Johnson’s baby wash. I have noticed lately that baby products are being marketed with “soothing lavender” etc – most of which are artificial scents meant to appeal to parents.


    • I haven’t been keeping up with the baby news as I have no babies of my own. I can’t stand how baby products are made and marketed. I knew before I had my boys that the no tears shampoo was no tears because it had a derivative of Novocaine in it to numb the eyes if soap got in the eyes and refused to use it. I’m sure you are right that many people do associate a baby smell with baby wash and powder. I never used any scented products on my boys so that’s not what I think of, but mainly because I had scented products myself.


  3. Once upon a time when I was young and dumb, I sold perfume at a cosmetics counter. We had no clue back then how potentially hazardous it could be along with all the other chemicals we were breathing. When you know better, you do better. There will always be those that don’t know or care to know . I found out later even baby powder was not good for tiny lungs. Too soon old, to late smart. Continue to educate, one mind at a time. That’s all that can be done. Good to hear you had a nice weekend.


    • Isn’t that the truth. I would love to go back and do a few things differently, but all we can do at the time is our best with the knowledge we have. I could never have sold perfume, I would never have been able to breathe. I did sell cosmetics, and while not perfect the reason I agreed to sell them is they were the first make-up and cleansing products using natural items like oatmeal and aloe.


    • You usually can come up with a reason for most things and I love hearing your ideas on most products, but this time I’m glad you didn’t. There must be plenty of people buying these perfumes for babies because there are more than one company making them.


  4. The most beautiful smell in the world is that of a baby, I remember cuddling my nephew last year just to nuzzle into his little neck, no artificial scent could ever top that and why on earth would you want to deprive yourself of it!

    Glad you had a fun break!


    • Now that would be different, to smell like a baby again, don’t think I would buy it either. There is a time for everything and at 50 I’m past the baby stage. I hadn’t thought about health care workers needing to be scent free, but now that you mention it, I’ve never had trouble breathing around health care workers.


  5. I use no perfumes. Soap is a simple and effective way to deal with smells. However, nature does provide perfume alternatives for those in the know.


  6. Making perfumes for babies is crazy. They are already exposed to so many nasty chemicals in their early age that we do not need to add some more.
    For myself I personally likes perfumes with moderation, when I used them I do not put them directly on my skin. I spray a little bit on my clothes (the same as I do for insect repellents when they are necessary to use).


    • Babies are exposed to so much. I was shocked when in the delivery room for my youngest grand child, upon delivery while mom was about to be stitched up she was asked if she had a problem with vaccines being given to her baby, she never had a moment to think about it and her daughter was given 6 vaccines. They never told her what they were or how many I had to ask how many she received. This was moments after birth as soon as she was wiped off coming out of the birth canal. I couldn’t believe it. Now we add perfumes and all those other chemicals they come into contact with, it’s just plain scary what their little immune systems have to deal with.

      My grandmother loved perfumes, but was allergic to them actually touching her skin, she too when using them would spray them on her clothes before getting dressed to allow them time to dry. I never got in the habit of using them.


      • I completely understand your concerns with all the vaccines given to new born babies. I was so worried with my children too,I do not like the idea of giving all these chemicals to new born babies.


  7. I have stopped using perfumes and body sprays. I have one laying around that I want to research because I think it might be okay, but it’s probably not so I will nix that one too. I would never spray a perfume on a baby. Hell, I don’t even use shampoo!!

    Also, I’ll be 25 in a couple months. I’ll let you know how many people refer to my quarter-century mark 🙂


    • Caitlin you are a breath of fresh air. You constantly amaze me by how knowledgeable you are for your age. How I wish I knew then what I know now.

      I hope you have a happy birthday and no one has to be rude and add anything more to their birthday wishes for you.


  8. Babies smell gorgeous don;t they… We use far too many sprays these days I think, as room fresheners and the .like. But perfumes for children and babies is ridiculous.. But what’s even crazier is that Mothers are buying them ..


    • Isn’t that the truth what are these mothers thinking? I have no idea why a mother would use a perfume to mask the natural smell of a baby. I knew some mothers who bottle fed who complained their baby smelled like formula, but a perfume wouldn’t make that go away. On the other hand, I’ve never heard a mother complain about a smell from a baby who was nursed. Luckily, there are so many more babies being nursed today.


      • Yes I breast fed both mine, …and Im at a loss sometimes to all the chemicals that young babies and children are subject too… They are pumped full of various additives from Food sources and I could cry at times seeing what my own granddaughter aged two is being fed in the fast-food dept’
        Growing much of our own veggies and freezing them I am always on about healthy living…


        • I too am saddened by what the children today, even my own grand children are being fed. My children tend to have healthy foods at home for meals, but the children snack on processed foods (and fruit luckily) often. Fast food and meals out are often which isn’t good for them.


    • Isn’t it amazing what people will do to pry money out of our hands? Sadly, people are buying these perfumes. I never want to smell a baby with perfume I want the smell their natural scents, and like you said a bath is all they need.


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