Free winter fun

We still haven’t seen the snow we were promised, not that I am complaining, but it sure is cold.  I don’t do well outside in 20 degree weather so I’ve had to take breaks back inside.  Here’s some fun things to do with children.

You all know I look for cheap, or rather free, ways to entertain the children, and myself.  Some activities serve the same purpose allowing the children to have fun while entertaining me.  Here’s one that only cost me 8 cents, of course the 8 cents was returned to the change jar in the end, costing me nothing.

Tape a couple of pennies on the bottom of a pair of socks, or shoes, where the ball of the foot will be, I used 4 on each sock.


All you need now is a bare surface, please keep it low to the ground.  🙂  I don’t have much area not carpeted, but the entry way was large enough….instant tap shoes.


But a child will only dance so long, while not outdoors we needed more activities.  I introduced my grand son to a hole punch.  With some junk mail left in the hall, some construction paper, school glue, and a piece of scrap cardboard he can make a piece of art.

He first had fun punching holes in the paper, I collected the holes into a bowl, and let him squeeze school glue on a scrap piece of cardboard then cover the wet glue with the punched out pieces of paper.


What do you think, making of an abstract artist?


Of course, we all need fresh air too.  What is it that attracts some people, or is it only children, to the only remaining spots of snow?


How do you entertain children on a budget?




    • I’m not sure why but this is the second time I’ve found one of your comments in my spam folder instead, can’t figure out how to stop this. Sorry for the delay in getting this to show up. I love that you made men out of acorns and then homes for them. I’m sure your boys will always remember those things you did with them. mine do.


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