Season of Wonder

Today was a beautiful day, one we don’t expect in this part of the country in January.  We reached a high of 66F today, the snow has mostly melted, and I took the day to wander around to see what was now visible.

I wouldn't trust the ice on the lake today.
I wouldn’t trust the ice on the lake today.

The temperatures are already falling tonight and by morning we are expecting a high of 32F and snow.  It reminded me of a post I wrote last year at this time and thought it was time to share it as it was only seen by 1 or 2 people.  I’ve changed the photos to show you what things looked like today, before winter returns. And added a bonus for you at the end, it’s a little gem just waiting to fill a dream.

Another view from my beach across the street from my apartment.
Another view from my beach across the street.

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes” Frank Lloyd Wright

With newly fallen snow today my first reaction was to groan. I have been spoiled this winter by a near absence of the white blankets I have grown accustomed to in this part of the country.  My next thought was to wonder if my three year old granddaughter was happy to see the freshly fallen snow.

As an adult I, like many others, tend to view the changes in weather as a barometer of how the day will feel.  Personally, a day of non-stop pouring rain, or a blizzard is only soothing or beautiful to me if I can stay indoors that day. In the case of rain, my favorite way of falling asleep is to listen to a thunderstorm,  yet I want the daytime hours to be those that will not inconvenience the things I want to get done.

Moss is still thriving on this tree.
Moss is still thriving on this tree.

Learning from children

A child doesn’t see the world this way, at least till we teach him to.  My grand daughter sees each day as a new experience to be lived fully in that moment. In the summer months,  she can go to the playground, pick her flowers, visit the waterways to see the fish, go to the zoo.  In the fall, there are pumpkins, fall flowers, fallen leaves, opportunities to wear the new warmer clothes that were just bought.

But it’s winter that makes me smile when viewed through her eyes. The pride in her new winter coat and boots. The curiosity when confronted with static in her hair from her winter hat. The twinkle in her eyes when she sees the newly fallen snow. The fresh snow means she can go outside to make snowballs,  but most of all it’s her opportunity to give a gift to those she loves.

The first time she saw snow this winter, her first reaction was to eat it. Since then, her parents have taught her the difference between clean and dirty snow, explaining dirty snow can make her sick.  When she finds freshly fallen snow, as much as she loves to eat it she believes everyone else does too.

Searching for clean snow to share.  Yes, she ate quite a bit of it.
Searching for clean snow to share. Yes, she ate quite a bit of it.

When she comes to visit, I am greeted at my door with a smile and a handful of snow. I am told that this is for me, a present. The pride she shows at being able to give another a gift she believes they will love is a gift in itself, like no other.

Changing my perception

So this morning, I chose to be happy with our new snow fall for my grand daughter and all the other children who show us that no day should be judged by the weather. The weather can give us a new opportunity to evaluate our day in a new way.  Be young and let each season be a time of wonder.

Can you see the green growing in this tree stump?
Can you see the green growing in this tree stump?

Now for the gem

Have you ever thought about what your dream home would look like, or where it would be?  I have. I have always wanted a small cabin or cottage away from a busy street and along water.  I could see myself getting up each morning, weather permitting, to head out to my kayak for a morning ride, just to get the juices flowing and hold the serenity with me through a day at work.

What does your dream look like?  If it includes water near town maybe you would enjoy this.

Lakefront property for sale
Lakefront property for sale

This piece of land is only half a block from the center of town, but on a side street away from the traffic.

Another view of the property.
Another view of the property.

Of course what is lakefront property without your own boat dock?

Your very own private dock, just waiting for you.
Your very own private dock, just waiting for you.

If you don’t know what your dreams are, you may miss it when you see it.   I’ve heard, and believe, that our dreams tell us what our heart longs for.  So what do you long for?





    • Thanks, I’m not always so thrilled with the gift of snow, I hate cold anything to eat or drink in the winter months, but I eat enough of it to make her happy then tell her I want to share with her. She gladly finishes it.:-)


  1. You put winter and not so great weather in perspective by looking at it through a child’s eyes.
    My dream is to have a home that has one big room undivided with a kitchen, dining area, and big living area with a fireplace and a television banned from the first floor. There would be gatherings and food and fun and games and conversation and no television. There would be music. There would be a powder room for guests and big windows overlooking a body of water that is not too close to flood. Walls would have shelves upon shelves for my books and important mementos. People would not track mud in on my floors. Unlike you–I live in a crowded space right now, which has served us well–but I would like some big spaces, not necessarily a big house. This is my dream. My dream is much bigger than this–but this is one small element of it.


    • It sure does. I just went outside where it’s snowing and cold, I know my grand children will be arriving soon for a short visit and rather than being unhappy that my spring-like days are behind me, I smiled and wondered how excited they will be. Made bearing the cold better.


  2. A beautiful post Lois and lovely and cool to look at. It’s going to be 102 F in Melbourne tomorrow so I am soaking up
    your chilly pictures. I have too many dream places to live to share, but I am usually happy here. 🙂


    • Oh how I would love even a day of your temperatures to feel the warmth soak into my cold bones. I half-jokingly tell people I wish I were a bear, then I could hibernate all winter and wake to the three seasons I truly love.


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