The road I’ve taken

I am still doing some house cleaning and that includes here on the blog as well.  I have updated the blogroll found at the bottom of the homepage, cleaning out links that no longer work and including new links that speak to me and my values. I hope you will take some time to check them out.

With the purge going on in my home I came across a poem I copied down on paper several years ago, from one of my favorite authors Dean Koontz.  Having changed the course of my life, and with the new year upon us many of you may be making a correction in the direction of your life, so I thought it was appropriate to share this with you.


The Book of Counted Sorrows

On the road I have taken,

One day, walking, I awaken,

Amazed to see where I have come,

Where I am going, where I’m from.


This is not the path I thought,

This is not the place I sought.

This is not the dream I bought,

Just a fever of fate I’ve caught.


I’ll change highways in a while,

At the crossroads, one more mile.

My path is lit by my own fire,

I’m going only where I desire.


On the road that I’ve taken,

One day, walking, I awaken.

One day, walking, I awaken,

On the road I’ve taken.


Have a great Saturday, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a working brain. 🙂





  1. A great new look for your blog (I usually read other blogs on my mobile so I apologise if your new look has been round for a while).


    • So does my journey, Mary. I used to think that reaching a certain age I would have it all down and be who I was supposed to be. Luckily, that isn’t the case and I am enjoying the process of becoming still.


  2. Great choice of poetry! Lately I have been experiencing a lot of episodes where I realize ” I awaken, amazed to see how far I’ve come”. So easy to slip into the illusion of being efficient, multi tasking, and miss the whole journey.


  3. Great poem and a wonderful new look to your blog! I thought I’d surfed onto the wrong page for a second there! I like it very much – also loved the tour of your place – thats a very small apartment you have there! – K xx


    • Thanks, yes it is a small apartment, but it doesn’t feel small as I have a lot of open space in the middle of the room. There are a few things I’d like to do. First purchase a tall slim bookcase to sit next to the loveseat as you enter the door to replace the black stand at the end of the bed and the nightstand/end table. I have a secret plan to raise my bed some and add storage cubes under the bed to eliminate the storage of my clothes in the closet. There is a lot of dead space in the closet. With the closet empty I want to turn it into a play room for the grand children. It would be easier than having large boxes here that they turn into houses sitting around 🙂 After that, I want to paint the kitchen cabinets to clean them up and brighten the space, paint the bathroom walls, door, towel rod which is worn and dingy and finally the mirror which is awful! Little at a time. One of these days I will finally run out of things to change:-)


  4. Happy New Year Lois! I loved the poem and AND the new look on your website. The poem is a great reminder that we are all on a journey and even when we think we know where we are headed–there is so much more to life than just meeting our expectations! Your new design is actually another form of invitation–very inviting and expansive. Will you be able to change the photo or do you plan to leave that one for a length of time—I ask because I continue to change the photos on my blog depending upon what I think I want to express. Besides, I take tons of photos and it’s a chance to use them for something good. I also wanted to say thank you for including my blog on your blogroll list….not only do you offer a wonderful resource for everyone on the internet through the information you share here on your website–but you also have a great knack for connecting with others. I’m very glad we connected in 2012 and look forward to what unfolds on the road before us in 2013. —✌ Kathy


    • Thank you Kathy. To answer your first question, I actually don’t know if I can change the picture or not. Right now it feels right to me. It’s reminding me of summer, the mountains I love and the water I need to be near always. I’ll see how that feels as time goes on.

      You are welcome, I was happy to include you in my blogroll.

      As for the poem, it fit perfectly with how I saw my life when I read it. There were so many times I faced a decision and had to choose which direction I would go. My life is nothing like I thought it would be when I was younger and thought I had everything worked out just so, but I can’t imagine it turning out any better.

      Thank you for the special compliment!! The whole reason I started blogging was to feel a part of something so connecting people, if I can, I want to do as best as I can. Hope to know you for a long time as you inspire me with your writing.


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