Growth and change

What I think of as the Christmas holiday is over, and it’s back to regular days for me, something I am happy to have.  I am enjoying the normalcy of the day but want to share a problem I ran into last night.

I have already gotten back to working on a few projects, the first was a little mending I included in my last post of patching a favorite pair of pants for my grand daughter.

I  was given a music box Wednesday to restore.  This was a “found” item from the trash my neighbor spotted and thought of me.  I’ll share it soon as it’s almost done and I know exactly who will receive it as a gift.

But today’s problem comes from the change in my lifestyle over the last year.

I received 3 gifts this Christmas.  Here’s the one that is causing me a few problems.


Yes, a gift card to a book store….a gift I cherished receiving in the past.  I would excitedly go to the Barnes and Noble website and click on bargain books.  There I could easily find 7 or 8 books for my $25 to read over the cold winter months.

But since unburdening my home of all the things I didn’t love, I began to get all of my books at the library.  So last night I sat down at the computer and again clicked on bargain books.  I kept telling myself with each one that looked interesting that I could get it at the library.  So then I dug out my list of books I want to read, my wish list of sorts.  Again, nothing I can’t get at the library.

Here I am holding on to this gift card trying to think of a book or two, even if full priced, that I would want to purchase and keep and I can’t think of a one.

I know the person who gave me the card will soon enough call to ask me how many books I was able to find this year and I need to be able to honestly tell him something.  I can’t figure out how to tell him I no longer covet books like I used to, it would hurt him, which is the last thing I would ever want to do.

I came up with a plan, I would buy one book for now that I was interested in enough to read, then when I finish the book I will offer it to you my readers.

How do you handle changing the perceptions others have of you when your life’s wants and needs change?




    • Don’t get me wrong, I love books as much today as I have at any point in my life, but my priority to own every book I read or want to read has left and now I enjoy the process of what I find at the local library.

      I’ve thought about a Kindle off and on for a while now, but I just can’t picture reading without the pages to caress and turn.


  1. my suggestion would be, buy your books with the gift card then give them to the library when you are done. One gift card, several presents to many people. problem solved. 🙂


      • you’re welcome. It was just a thought that came to mind when you said you love getting your books from the library. Also, it’s what I do with mine, one year I give them to the library, the next the retirement home. They love getting ‘new’ books! Hope I helped. 🙂


      • I should have remembered that. I just looked at the gift card last night in the way I used to look at it, as something I would buy for myself and keep. Thanks for reminding me of the libraries needs, that is where my books end up, usually. We pass them around here locally, then they are given to my dil who volunteers at her library, when she is done with them that’s where they end up.


  2. unfortunately or fortunately, there are books I like to return to, and those are the books that I buy–because I am a writer I turn to them for inspiration or information–but I also use my library a lot and there are lots of books I just like to read and I do not need to own


  3. Lois,

    Sometimes I buy books that I can’t get at the library and then donate them to the library. I buy the highest quality book I can so that it will last longer when in circulation. It might be nice to have a chat with the library and see if there are any books that you are interested in that they are looking to add to the library’s collection. I have often thought about creating a Japanese sewing book library within our library in Michigan, but haven’t gotten organized enough to do it.


  4. I love everybody’s suggestions of buying books for the library – and you could choose “off the beaten path” stuff that they’re not likely to carry.

    But I have to say that I really relate to this post. I used to covet things like books and CD’s – but then I started selling them online. It was one of my early “get out of jail free” schemes. It was amazing how many books one could acquire for very little money if one was willing to employ a bit of creativity (like showing up at a church rummage sale 10 minutes before they close and offering them $10-$20 for all of the books they had left.) Anyhow, through that process, I came to see the ubiquitous nature of the things, and it became abundantly clear to me that with a very few exceptions, there’s no point in owning them. Even if you have to buy it used online, most books are quite easily had – and there’s just no point keeping them on a shelf where they’ll do nothing but gather dust when someone could be enjoying them. It’s sort of like having a musical instrument as a wall decoration in my opinion – it’s not fair to the book or the instrument to let it languish that way.


    • So well put again, Cat. I too spent sometime selling books and things on Ebay as my first “business” online. It was easy to find things that would sell and bring in some money and for anyone thinking about Ebay our biggest money makers were old cell phones that take a sim card!

      Books and CD’s were my biggest expense in my life until recently. That’s why I am having trouble getting certain people to realize that I don’t covet the same things any more. Look what a little (or a lot) of purging can do to someone 🙂

      By the way, I do know someone who uses his old instruments as wall decor now that he no longer plays. I see it and think that he is trying to hold on to a part of him that doesn’t exist any more. It keeps him stuck in the past and unable to move forward in his life as he still ties himself to what isn’t there any more.


  5. I’m a librarian who hates physical books, so I get that reaction a lot from my colleagues! When I do get bookstore gift cards I sometimes take them and buy books to donate to our local libraries or homeless shelters. That seems to make everyone happy. It shows that I still love books, but also that I want to share the love–without me having to keep a copy!


    • How funny! I didn’t think there was a librarian out there who hated physical books. What about a book do you hate? I think you are in a similar position as I am, people look at who they think you are when buying a gift and shows they really don’t know you as well as they could.


  6. I love the idea of donating them afterwards! E-books are another great option. I love them! You can download the Nook reader for free and put it on any device you want. Getting children’s books and donating them to Head Start or a similar program is another great idea.


    • I didn’t realize you could download the Nook reader, I knew you could with the Kindle, that’s good to know thank you. Getting children’s books is a great idea, but with this card I knew the intent was to give me more books to read. I think I will make an effort when I see good children’s books at sales to give them to programs to help those children to learn to love reading, what a great idea, Bethany!


  7. I like the ideas of buying books to donate to the library. The gift that keeps on giving. I like these ideas better than the one I am about to give, but here goes.

    I used to manage a B & N cafe. If you have Barnes & Noble near you, most have cafes. You could use the gift card to have lunch or a hopped-up coffee drink. I know you prefer to eat at home, and yes the food is better (the coffee is better out than at my house) but it’s just another option.

    If there were a prize involved, I could probably come up with a better answer, but since I don’t see anything about a prize, that’s all I have . . .

    😉 luv ya, Sistah!


    • I should have offered a prize because I love this idea. No our closest store is almost 20 miles away, but I can hold on to the balance and take a friend to lunch when the weather clears. I’m not a coffee drinker, but they have the best hot chocolate. They serve Godiva Hot chocolate! I think it’s funny because the cafe is a Starbucks and I hate Starbucks hot chocolate:-)


  8. We recently donated DVDs and books to the local VA hospital. They were so grateful. Many vets have nothing to do all day, while healing. You could buy lots of bargain books and really get some good subjects!


    • Lisa, what a great idea. So many people don’t realize what our Veterans are going through, both the young and old. This summer we took to our local used book store 2 larges boxes of books. We earned $118 dollars in store credit which we’ve barely touched. I may just take a day to wander the store to find books to donate to places like the Veterans Hospital, local nursing home, and to the Children’s wing at the hospital. I have been inspired by everyone’s ideas.


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