Crafting Christmas and love for Etsy shop


I recently won a contest at The High Note Dot Net, of shredded sheet music.  Darilyn wrapped it so beautifully and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  So today I want to show you the first two projects I completed with my sheet music.

I decided I wanted to decoupage, something I have never done before so I started with a small project for myself. I started with a clay pot I’ve had forever.


I wanted to incorporate some of the lovely touches in how Darilyn packaged the sheet music, it’s a lovely reminder of how a small gesture can make receiving a package even more special.  So using the lovely paper from the top of the bag of sheet music this is what I created.


And here is how it looks now that it is dry and filled.


Now I felt ready to prepare my Christmas present for a good friend.

My friend is a very talented pianist who also has gorgeous flower gardens all around her home.  She frequently brings cut flowers inside to enjoy throughout the growing season and I couldn’t think of any thing better than to bring her two loves together into a small gift.

I started with recycling a jar from local honey.


Cleaning that label off took some real work, but worth the effort.  This is what I ended up with.


Wait, not done yet.  Nothing goes to waste here.  Darilyn added a sweet little blue ribbon with a piece of sheet music tied to the top of my package of sheet music I added it to the top of the jar for a more finished look and can write a note on the sheet music/tag


When it’s closer to Christmas I will add a couple clippings from one of my house plants to root for her.  She will now have a vase for her own clippings to display in her home which fits her personality, and will also give her a new plant to grow in her home when the roots are ready.

Darilyn didn’t scrimp on the amount of sheet music she sent me either, after these two projects I have this left.


I have a few more ideas, but they will have to wait till after Christmas.  I will share them with you when they are done.

I want to give a very special thank you to Darilyn and hope you will check out her site and if  you are looking for unique gift tags or other music related items check out Darilyns etsy store.





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