Home made gift bags for Christmas

I’ve had a couple of requests to show my homemade gift bags.  I finally unpacked them this past week, they were stored with my ornaments, and now will show you what I made for zero cost.


I love to do cross stitch, especially in the winter months when it gets dark so early.  There are so many adorable patterns out there for the holidays, but what to do with them.  I had stitched a few that called out to me and had put them away hoping one day I would have a use for them. Crazy ha?

Then last year wanting to have a zero waste holiday I centered on using zero wrapping paper.  I had been given plenty of fabric from well meaning friends who had spotted a quilt I made at one point.  Quilting is something I really don’t seem to enjoy or have the patience for, so I had been slowly using up this fabric on other projects.

Now with a bag of fabric, my finished holiday cross stitch items, and a valance curtain and tie backs. I created reusable bags for Christmas.  Some use ties to close, some have Velcro removed from the curtain tie backs, but each is completely unique.  Of course I have a few made from simple red or green fabric, but I’ll share just some of the cross stitch bags.   Hope they inspire you do reduce your reliance on wrapping paper and store bought gift bags.











    • It’s trying to get all the pieces cut perfectly then lined up just so that that is hard and frustrating to me in quilting. Cross stitch is just a matter of sticking the needle in the proper hole, not much I can mess up there. Glad you liked the bags. Now I just need to iron a couple of them, should have done that before I took the pictures.


    • I’m glad yours are still in circulation. The only problem with mine is that I don’t want to let them go home with the recipient because it would mean time in making another. I was surprised by how many people, including the little children, who stop to remark about their bag before opening it up. I never had that happen with paper, it was just ripped off to get the present.


  1. Those are beautiful, Lois!
    Our gift bags stay within our family here at home. I don’t know what I’ll do once the kids are on their own. Will I let them take their bags, or insist they remain in our family home?


    • That is the question isn’t it? I have been thinking about making a large bag in the shape of a stocking for each grand child to fill with gifts next year. That way they will always have their own bag and I will have one bag to fill per child instead of trying to find which bag fits which gift each year. I don’t know what I would do, I didn’t use reusable bags when my boys were ready to move out, but they insisted I continue all our traditions, they were ready to move on, but still wanted the some things to stay the same.


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