Why can’t they keep it simple? My first football rant

Earlier today I read a post at Empty Nest which was about football.  You can read it here.   Tonight I had something to add; my complaint with football today in the NFL.

My favorite football player
My favorite football player

I see plenty of problems with the NFL that have ruined my enjoyment.  I actually turn it off and have entire days I don’t bother to watch any more.  Don’t ask me about my feelings on a legal, yet too hard hit.  They wanted the players to be big, very strong then tell them they can’t hit hard?

But tonight it was watching a Green Bay game. It was snowing!!!  I love a good snow game.  Don’t you?  No I don’t love the cold, but I then I didn’t take a job that involves working outside during the winter months.  What can be better entertainment than watching the antics that result from playing in the snow.  Children and our dogs over the years excitedly watched for the snow to cover the grass to go out and play.  Yes, two of our dogs would notice the snow start to fall and would sit at the window watching, tail wagging, until you couldn’t see the grass, then beg to go outside.  It was hilarious watching them play in the snow, free entertainment at its best.

While there was plenty of snow falling, heavy most of the game, there was no snow on the field.  Zero.  Why you may ask?  Because the ground is heated from underneath with hot water.  Pictures of the town showed streets and sidewalks covered in white, but not on the field.


Here’s the thing every team has some advantage.  For my favorite team it’s playing on real grass which can get muddy at times, I still remember a game a few years ago against Miami when an incomplete pass left the ball stuck in the mud.  No, it didn’t bounce, it landed with a thud and stuck there.  Players were slipping and sliding in the mud, it was a low scoring game, but entertaining to watch.

Denver has the altitude.  If you have never visited an area with high altitude let me be the first to tell you it can be hell.  It takes me 2-3 days to start to feel like myself, after I get adjusted I feel better than I ever felt being in a lower altitude, but a couple days of severe headaches and shortness of breath can affect how a player plays.

Some teams play in a dome (which I think is dumb go play in the arena league if you can’t play outside), but under the dome sound will amplify and give your team an advantage if you have good fans.

And Green Bay has cold temperatures, ice and snow.


I like things simple.  but the NFL is all about money today.  Can you even imagine how much money went into installing and now heating that water to keep the field from freezing or covering with snow?  Green Bay is along one of our Great Lakes, which means one of the few areas on the planet with fresh water than we can drink.  They aren’t trucking in salt water from the ocean, they are using what is readily available.  There are people in parts of the world who don’t even have access to water, or at least water that is safe to drink and we heat a football field with it.

Let’s go back to playing outdoors in whatever weather comes.  Let’s not be babies about the cold or worried about making things fair by trying to control  the outcomes of the weather.   Let’s keep it simple and keep the costs down, maybe then they wouldn’t have to pay so much to the players?  Just a thought.  And don’t forget, while the owners and the league make money off football, football is still entertainment.  Let’s be entertained again.

What do you think?  Should we accept and play in the weather we are given?






  1. I would like to leave a learned reply, but to this day, football escapes me–to my unsophistocated eye it just seems like a bunch of running, jumping, and piling on and I have not fingered out the jungle which is the game–I am glad you have a handle on it–gives me hope that someday i may understand it


  2. While I think heating the field is extreme and a waste, let’s be realistic. We aren’t going to ship Great Lake water to people around the world that don’t have water. I know that you were just trying to make a point, but the water situation is one people just don’t seem to understand very well and pushes my buttons. I don’t understand it very well either, but I gained a little insight from the hydrology classes I have had, and there are many misconceptions out there.

    Back to the topic on hand. I wish I could have seen the football get stuck in the mud. In high school our football field flooded sometimes and could be very muddy. I was a cheerleader, and only on the sidelines, but sometimes I got so muddy that I had to hose off before I could go into my house.


    • You are right, I was just trying to make a point, I guess a better one would have been closer to home, of course the water used to heat the field isn’t going to be shipped to the mid west for their drought either I still think we need to conserve water and not treat it as if it’s just there for our pleasure.

      I can only laugh at your description of having to hose off after a game. I would have loved to have seen those games. The football getting stuck in the mud was on all the highlights of the year but I don’t remember which year. I was driving back from visiting my son and had to catch the first few minutes on the car radio so it was in the last 5 years. I was so glad to arrive home to see the game because that kind of game is boring to listen to.


  3. So THAT’S why the field was clear. I was scratching my head over that one. When I lived in Norway they actually used that sort of thing frequently… mostly on sidewalks and business entrances. It would be interesting to do a study on the relative environmental impact of a heated sidewalk vs. one that had to be plowed and have ice melter applied daily. I think they only heat it to a few degrees above freezing – just enough to keep the ice from forming.

    Anyhow, all environmental concerns aside, I say play in whatever weather you’ve got, it’s part of what makes the game fun! One of my fondest childhood memories is of playing a game of touch football with my neighborhood gang in the middle of a huge snowstorm. It was a Sunday afternoon, and we finished our game just as the Broncos where starting theirs. We all came inside and had hot chocolate and popcorn while watching the game and warming our frozen fingers. I remember them shoveling off the yard markers so they’d have some prayer of telling what down it should be. It was wonderful fun!

    Here’s hoping the Texans beat New England tonight – partially because it would put us a game ahead in terms of home field advantage, and partially because I still haven’t forgiven Josh McDaniels for messing up my team, so I figure anything bad for him is good for me! Not that I’m vindictive or anything! 🙂


    • I was wondering when the snow would start to stick while watching, then Al Michaels made a comment about the frozen tundra and that went into them showing these huge boiler things which heated the water to keep it frozen. They also said they had covered the area and before the game the temperature under it at field level was in the 60s.

      I’d love to hear about an environmental study on the subject it would be interesting at least to know the impact.

      I agree. I never played football, but friends and my kids did. They had so much fun in the snow, plus it doesn’t hurt as much when tackled to land on several feet of snow. The kids played football all year round with the neighbors, but they seemed to enjoy it more in the winter months. I’m with you tonight go Broncos.


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