It’s finally starting to look like Christmas, and free wallpaper found


I finally took the time to get the Christmas ornaments out.  As I said before I kept very few ornaments.  We finished the light bulb ornament first. You can see the beginning of this from yesterday’s post where I complained about the fumes from the nail polish.

My grand daughter decided her Ariel (Little Mermaid) should be inside of it, so here it is finished.  I added a small piece of batting in the bottom for Ariel to sit on, and used a piece of yarn glued inside the bulb to hang it with.

The funny thing about this particular ornament was that my daughter-in-law when shown it thought I had bought it, she asked where I got it because she wanted one.  I had to laugh because the children had already given her a couple of light bulb ornaments they made with me.  Guess it turned out well, if she was willing to fork over money for the same item 🙂  Maybe I will give it to her when I take it down to use on her tree next year.

Then we began to put the few ornaments up.  Here are photos of my pillow ornaments I made a few years ago.  These are cross stitch patterns, (from the Prairie Schooler) with fabric from an old pair of Khakis my son had torn for the back fabric, I couldn’t find this booklet of patterns on their web site so it may be out of print.  I used red ribbon to hang them. Yes, I made these back in 2004.




And here you can see the final decorations of my salvaged tree branch/Christmas tree.  I think it turned out nicely, I was going for simple and natural and I think I accomplished it.

You can see I left the pine cones from fall up, added three of the repurposed incandescent light bulbs the children helped me decorate, and then a few of my folksy pillow ornaments.

Pulled out a pillow I made last year to add to the couch.

I enjoy Santas. One is a dollar store find from a few years ago, and the other is a Jim Shore Santa, I love the details in his Santas.
IMG1116This Santa is holding a pear tree with a partridge on the top, the head feather detail was broken by my grand daughter when she was a year old, but it doesn’t distract from the folksiness of the piece and I’ve never tried to retouch it to hide the spot.  If you enjoy Jim Shore designs you can download a desktop wallpaper (or print it out) from his website  free here

I decided to put these two Santas on the bathroom vanity, but I know they won’t stay there. I have grand children who love to move the Santas around each time they come over, so they will get to see the entire apartment before the season is over.



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