Bits and pieces and a couple rants

I love cheap and easy decorating tips. I heard of one that seemed perfect for one of my now empty light bulbs.  I won’t do it again, not because it didn’t turn out nicely, it did, but because of the smell.

I used to work in Cosmetology, so I am very familiar with all kinds of chemicals, they never bothered me, but it’s been years since I used any or had them in my home.   Imagine my surprise when I opened a bottle of nail polish and was hit by such awful fumes!


First rant of the day

When we hear about low VOC paints for our homes, why isn’t anyone talking about nail polish, I mean the fumes were worse than any paint I’ve smelled in all my years.  Why aren’t we hearing warnings about nail polish, I mean not only are women wearing it, but they are putting it on the little one’s as well.  If you are so concerned that you buy low VOC paint to paint a room and keep your children out of smoky places shouldn’t you consider nail polish too?

The kids are coming over today so I will let them help finish this and hang it on the tree.

Quick update

Do you remember the lamp I found at the local thrift shop that was all in gold?  Gold is not my favorite finish!  I finally took some time to do a little something to it.  The band on the shade was coming off, glued that back on and added a little of my favorite blue paint (that I used on the first end table) and a coat of spray paint to the lamp itself.  It fits in much better now.


A close up of the shade.


A little shopping splurge

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything this year to decorate for the holidays, but just couldn’t resist two small poinsettia plants.  Did I really blow my promise to myself? It’s living doesn’t that mean it gets and exception to the rule?


One more down

I had finished a couple of scarves a while ago for the grand daughters for Christmas, and now I can say my grand son’s is finished as well.  His winter coat is orange and white, he needed a hat, which I’ve already given him where I used the same two colors, but reversed them using a green border on the hat.


The colors are brighter than they appear in this photo, they are called neon but aren’t quite that in-your-face either.  So picture something in between neon and what you see here.

I had a little green left over that wasn’t worth saving for much so I made a quick pot holder to have this year.  I only have two pot holders so with company an extra would be useful.


I can also say my Christmas shopping is finished. I purchased the last of my gifts yesterday morning!! Yep all done by December 3rd.

Final rant of the day

It’s bad enough to get junk mail when I’ve tried everything I can think of to stop it. I have to admit I’ve done pretty well slowing it down, but with the holidays for some reason I’ve been getting 1 or 2 a week.  Today’s junk mail takes the cake when it comes to waste.

If there is one thing that seems to escape the ban on junk mail here it’s from a car dealership.  I get these huge 11 x13 card stock with a plastic key attached to it a couple of times a year.  Today’s didn’t have a plastic key, isn’t that bad enough?  No this is what it had.


Yep, a piece of plastic that when you pull the tab lights up with your secret number.  You have three days to stop in to the dealership to claim your new car for a special savings.  I’m guessing the battery in this thing will last at least those 3 days. I can’t recycle this plastic, it’s not coded and I would have to figure out how to take this apart, looks like I will have to break it, to get to the battery.  How many of these things are ending up in the trash with a battery inside them.  What a waste!!!  Has anyone else gotten one of these or is it just around here that these are being mailed out?



    • Thank you that was my $10 lamp, paint was given to me so it didn’t cost any thing extra to change it up. Plastic makes me nuts as well, junk mail that contains plastic is crazier, to think they mailed a thick oversized card stock, plastic and a battery to someone who doesn’t want their mail!


  1. Yes the lampshade and the scarf are soooo sweet! I think you’re within your rights to return the offending junk mail to the dealership for them to dispose of? or at least say you don’t like it. I guess they’d just throw it in the bin though. Perhaps you could get *some* use out of it by attaching it to a keyring (good for seeing the keyhole at night?)

    I have a similar problem with a company that I requested a free sample from who continue to bombard me with junk mail. I have written and emailed them to ask them to stop but now I receive things like calendars! I can still try to ring them but have been putting it off because it’s one of those expensive numbers.


    • My grand son stopped by and immediately became enamored with the plastic do-dad and took it home to see how much light he can get from it in his bedroom tonight. At least he will get some enjoyment out of it for a few days before it becomes total waste.

      I don’t request samples of anything any more for that reason. I did request some diaper coupons for my one son, but then I was getting so much junk it took a while to get it stopped. I learned my lesson.


  2. I wore nail polish for years and only stopped in the past 3 years or so because I had got rid of all my other “chemical” stuff and couldn’t justify keeping it, and the remover! Over time I found it easier to be consistent with myself 🙂

    I hate getting non-paper junk mail or paper with special finishes, like stickers and plastic cards and key fobs and sample products. Your junk mail really takes the cake this week!


    • I quit wearing nail polish when my boys were little because it was always needing touched up from all the baths, dishes and general washing up that comes with children who play outside most of the day. So it’s been nearly 28 years since I had any in my house, until this week.

      Wasn’t that the most wasteful piece of junk mail ever? I actually called the car dealership to complain, I was told there wasn’t any thing they could do about it because they use a second party to do their advertising for them. When I requested a number for this second party I was told there was no one there who had the number. Talk about a run around.


    • Actually I used to do all my shopping during the summer months when it was just plain more enjoyable to do so with the warmer weather and no crazy shoppers. But lately I have been doing most of it during November and the first week of December. It started when my boys moved out and started their families, I had a harder time knowing what they would want or need and progressed from there.


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