Simplify and sleep better

I realized during the middle of the night just how much my life has changed.  I normally sleep like a log.  I can be disturbed by noises trying to get to sleep, but once asleep it takes a lot to wake me.  The calendar  may say it’s the beginning of December, but we are having fall-like weather.  The middle of the night temperatures were in the mid 40s and it was pouring rain.


I’m not sure why the rain woke me, but it did, several times.  In the past, if I were woken awake by something I would get frustrated by the interruption of my sleep.  I knew I had to be up in the morning, whether because I needed to be up with the children or to get ready for work.  This pressure would keep me awake and find me punching a pillow trying to get back to sleep.


But last night, or I should say the early morning hours of today, I smiled and listened to the rain hit the window and chairs outside my window.  I knew if needed I could sleep in a little bit and had no pressure to get back to sleep.


The result was that while I smiled and listened to the rain it would lull me back to sleep, to be woken a bit later. I didn’t have trouble getting back to sleep, the pressure to sleep has been lifted.  I enjoyed the alert moments listening to the rain knowing I wouldn’t be hearing the rain much more this year and woke refreshed as normal.


Do you sleep better?



    • I do too. My favorite way to fall asleep is listening to the rain. If it’s raining during the daytime hours I like to grab a blanket and a book, no music, no other sounds and just while away the day quietly.


  1. We’ve had lots of rain over here recently and many areas have had severe flooding. We’ve been lying in bed listening to the rain, and feeling thankful that we don’t live in an area that floods easily, and that my hubby repaired our leaky roof last year…and also I think you’re right; my quality of sleep always directly correlates to how complex or simple my life is at any given time. The simpler the better!


  2. I sleep much better on the weekends than I do on weekdays, even though I do everything wrong on the weekends. I sit around, drink Coke late into the evening, I might drink alcohol or sit on my computer before bed. I think it’s just the stress of KNOWING I need my sleep.


    • I think it’s the same for me, the stress of knowing I had to get sleep to wake early kept me awake. If only we could all set our own schedules. Sundays are my bad days I sit around too much watching football.


      • We start out Sunday morning watching Animal Planet with all the puppies and kitties. Sooner or later one or both of us end up in tears at some heart-wrenching story. Last weekend we were able to pry ourselves off of the couch and get some things done and yes, even caught a little of the Vikings/Packer game at the gym.


  3. Ha! I’ve never slept well “under pressure.” I think that’s part of the reason I hate alarm clocks so very much.

    We could use some of that rain out here. Things are bone dry and believe it or not we’ve actually got several forest fires that we’re dealing with… IN DECEMBER! I love being able to ride my bike so late into the season, but I must admit that the unseasonably warm and dry weather is a tad bit concerning.


    • Our rain stopped today, but expecting more tomorrow then snow Wednesday, then back to unseasonably warm weather again. I love that I can still get around pretty well without the snow, this being my first year car-free, but I too worry about the effect of the drought on all areas. We had such a dry spring and summer here, like nothing I can remember before, that we need all the precipitation we can get to keep the water table up.

      But forest fires in December! I’m so sorry, hope they get it under control before too much damage is done Colorado is such a beautiful state I’d hate to see any of it destroyed. Although it would help if your state didn’t have to provide water to so many other states and Mexico and could keep it for yourselves, any chance that will change in the near future? When I lived in Az, I hated the way people wasted water when it wasn’t even theirs to begin with.


      • Ha! Water laws out here are just plain crazy. We aren’t even allowed to collect rainwater or re-use gray water because it’s all spoken for already. I dunno… it’s looking pretty dire at the moment. We’re only at about 41% of our normal snowpack. Sigh.


        • Your water laws are crazy, I hadn’t known about your not being allowed to collect rain water or use grey water, but I knew Co sends a good amount of water to New Mexico, California, Nevada, Arizona and even Mexico. So many of those places waste the water as if they are thinking they will always have access to good clean water it’s nuts. Sprinklers going off 2 – 3 times a day to keep grass growing in a desert, and washing of cars, they do it nearly every day!


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