Inspiring Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised to find a nomination by Fresh Homes for me today. This is the Inspiring Blogger Award.  If you are looking for some inspiration for your home you should stop by and visit Fresh Homes.  Thank you so much, I hope I do inspire people with my ramblings. 🙂

I hope I don’t bore you with the details of who I am as I try to satisfy the requirements to first list 7 things about myself, if so, feel free to skip on down to the list of nominees.

Doing some leaf crafting today

Seven Things About Me

  1. When you look at my projects know I am self taught, so I probably don’t do things the way a pro would. When I say self taught, I mean years ago, when things were tight I began to play with things to give my home and especially my children’s room some personality while trying to save money.
  2. Yes, I downsized to 300 sq ft apartment, but after having lived here for a year and a half, I realize I could have gone smaller.  No I’m not moving, I have the perfect location and neighbors.
  3. When asked by my kids what I wanted for Christmas this year, knowing they would get me something anyway, this is the list I gave them:  staples for the staple gun, hot glue gun, a fabric drop cloth, and copies of music they own that I enjoy.
  4. With the cold weather here I am fighting the urge to give in to my cravings for hot chocolate, a guilty pleasure.
  5. While you see plenty of my completed projects, I am famously known for starting and leaving projects to move on to the next inspiration.
  6. I am most comfortable in a pair of sweat pants and a flannel shirt this time of year.
  7. My favorite fruit is pineapple, do I live in the wrong part of the world or what?
The children were here today. This is the bottom of the desk I am currently working on. They decided it it would be great dog house and pretended they were dogs.

Now for my nominees. Each one inspires me on a regular basis and are relatively new to me.

  1. Number fifty three.  Her home is one of the most beautiful ones around and she loves to decorate with found objects!
  2. Down to Earth Style.  Another gorgeous home.
  3. Domestic Imperfection.  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who can take a while to make a decision on the perfect color.
  4. Intecoolochoberord.  What can I say, just amazing ideas.
  5. Wholey Jeans.  Great ideas on this blog.
  6. Tea with a Pirate.  Ye pirate has so many interesting ideas floating around in his head, I am lucky he shares them.
  7. The Cardboard Collective.  Since I enjoy crafting with my grand children and they are here often it’s nice to have a place to get ideas.  All are made from cardboard which is easy to find and store till needed.  Best of all it’s free.
  8. A Ponytail Kind of Day. I love the honesty I feel when reading her posts.
  9. Tiny House Ontario.  I do still dream of living in a tiny house, but it probably won’t happen, as I am in a place in my life right now where I like not having the responsibility for maintenance on a home.
  10. Tiny House in Oz. Again, it’s the dream of living in an even smaller space that intrigues me.  There is plenty of wonderful ideas here on nature if you aren’t into small living.
  11. The High Note dot Net.  Crafty and fun check it out.
  12. Perfect Shine Housekeeping.  If you are seeking to make your own cleaners or just want to learn more about greening your cleaning tasks around the house you will want to check this out.
  13. I should be a Minimalist.  Don’t we all have ideas about the clutter in our lives?
  14. Allotment Adventures with Jean.  Jean has an interesting blog about her community garden and her life in general.
  15. DIY  Confessions.  Want more ideas on doing it yourself?

That’s it my 15.  Hope you find some inspiration today.



    • Glad you like having a reading list, Friday is coming up so I will have another one for you tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed the 7 things about me, I feel like you all know so much already it’s really hard to come up with 7 more.


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