Repurposed bulbs into gift idea

This past weekend I updated all the original light fixtures in my apartment with LED or CFL bulbs.  I was left with several old incandescent bulbs and didn’t know what to do with them.  All but one were still functioning.  Do I pass them on, donate them, or find something I could do with them?

I found a few interesting ideas for repurposing them.  Thanks to A Ponytail Kind of Day I now knew I could take them apart.  I did further reading and found a great tutorial at Team Droid that convinced me I could do this myself without serious risk of bodily harm, see sometimes I need pictures of each step.

So in the spirit of zero waste when finished hollowing out the light bulbs here’s what I  had left to dispose of

I did break one, but that was while rinsing it out, not while taking it apart. I do have an idea for that one as well so it’s not pictured here with the waste.

This is what each look like once I’ve taken them apart and rinsed them out.

I had a thick ball of yarn that drove me  nuts trying to work with that was passed on to me.  I finally found a quick use for a little of it, I simply wrapped it around the metal portion.

Once done with that, I made a little loop in the yarn to hang it and filled it with some water and a cutting from a plant. I’m thinking the loop could be a little shorter, but since this one is for me I’m not too worried about it.

Now I have wonderful gift ideas for this holiday season.

The next idea I have involves nail polish, something I no longer use.  I asked if anyone had any old bright colored polish and am told I will have some delivered in a couple of days and will share the new creations with you when they are ready.

Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.  ~~ Marianne Williamson



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  2. Adorable!!

    Remember that CFL bulbs have mercury and require appropriate disposal methods, you can’t just throw them out, and it’s probably not safe to open them up like this. I haven’t done a ton of research on it yet but I know they’ve got mercury!


    • I do know CFL’s have mercury in them, which is a big reason why I want to switch to all LED. One of these days I will learn to be more exact on my wording. The bulbs I opened up were the old incandescent bulbs. I would never open a CFL. I’m glad you brought that up, I’m sure some people don’t realize that mercury is in the CFL bulbs as all they hear is how much better they are to use.


        • It is so sad that the light bulbs don’t come with “ingredient” lists like our food does. There are supposedly several hazardous things inside the CFL, I haven’t looked it up, but it’s mercury we hear about. The LED are reported to have some mercury as well, but much smaller amounts. I am learning that not all CFL bulbs are the same, some have less mercury than others. The ones my son picked up for me state they are the lowest and contain less than the European standards for what is safe.


  3. These are awesome! I like to grow cuttings from plants and these will be perfect. I have thought about giving them as Christmas gifts too and these will make for interesting packaging. Thanks!



    • I love getting cuttings as well, so I thought it would be a good use of a glass bulb. Glad to have helped you out with a Christmas gift. It is definitely unique yet, but I see more people repurposing these old light bulbs as they switch and hope more ideas come out. Tonight the grand kids and I made Christmas ornaments with a couple more. I’ll probably post that this weekend, maybe Sunday.


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