A stool that came knocking

A little stool is just what I was hoping to find for myself.  Low and behold one came knocking at my door.  Okay almost, but it did find me at home.

I have good days and bad days physically.  On my bad days standing to do dishes or prepare a meal that involves standing for a bit longer than my body wants is difficult. I had been secretly looking for a stool I could use on those days I just can’t stand to do what I want at in the kitchen area.

A neighbor, not knowing mind you, that I had been looking for a stool, showed up to ask if I could use this.  The wood is solid, but nicked up pretty badly.

The finish was easy to remove with a little 60 grit sand paper, and most of the gouges I was able to smooth out as well.

This has been sitting in my apartment for about a week, in that time the children have decided this is their favorite seat….for now,  until the next piece shows up they like.

The other problem area for me was the vinyl seat.  Yuck vinyl!

After sanding the legs (which were cut off at some point, I will need to find casters or something to make it just slightly taller for me), I found I liked the look of the wood, all it needed were two coats of polycrylic to prevent it from getting gouged up again from use and a new seat cover.

I removed the vinyl, and cut two round pieces of the foam mattress pad I saved from the dumpster and a piece of the fabric I used on the back and seat cushion of the re-purposed entertainment center.

The padding was in good shape, but I wanted it a little more cushion-y so I sandwiched the original padding between the two pieces I cut.

Then pulling the fabric taut, I stapled it all down.  I need to get more staples to give it a more secure fit, but it will do until I get to the store.  Here is the finished stool.

And here you can see how the legs turned out, no more gouges and nicked up finish.

Oh and it started snowing Friday night and hasn’t stopped.  Guess winter has finally arrived.

An attitude of gratitude brings great things.  ~~ Yogi Bhajan






    • No, since it will be used by me alone in the kitchen area I will just take care with it. The kids like to sit on it as well when working on the computer (they like to practice finding the letters of the alphabet) but I’m not too worried, this is upholstery fabric so I’m hoping it will hold up nicely.


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