Wasteful practices

First, I will be away for a couple of days so I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in the USA, and a nice end of the week elsewhere.

I wonder why it is that we can’t make a choice of whether or  not to receive junk mail. Here is what I picked up for the second time this week.

red plum flyers and two phone books. Isn’t that lovely carpeting in the common hallway?

I have tried to stop the deliveries of these flyers but since they are delivered bulk to the residents we can’t seem to stop them. The number of flyers delivered varies between 20-45 each week,  yet there are only 16 apartments in the building, and 3 of those are currently empty.

So while I keep trying to have this stopped, I pick up the flyers twice a week and dispose of them in the recycling bin.   As I opened my door I found that not only did we have these flyers cluttering up the building, but this outside.

More phone books, set at each and every door

While I left the books out where a tenant lives, I picked up the books outside empty apartments, these too then ended up in the recycling bin.

I can’t believe how much paper I just tossed today alone.  I’m sure most of that paper was virgin paper which makes it even worse.

Have you found ways to prevent the junk from being delivered to your door?

When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude. ~~ G.K. Chesterton



  1. My mom got me a “FREE!” subscription to Redbook. I called her and asked why she got me a subscription, and her answer was, “It was free!” Thus far, my boyfriend has read more of them than I have, and they pretty much go straight to the bin. Newsprint I save to recycle into kitty litter, but the slick ads go right to the bin. I also take my mom’s newspaper from her recycle bin to put in my kitty litter stash. I know it’s possible to opt out of such things but I am not entirely sure where to begin :- I do clip a few of the coupons, but I don’t know if that’s worth the effort.


    • So your mom really doesn’t get your minimalist lifestyle is what you are saying? 😉 I’m in the same boat, friends and family are still trying to figure out why I live as I do.

      When I have magazines I take them to he local library, they add them to the subscriptions they have and more people get to use them.


      • That’s a good idea! I could take them a doctor’s office or something too, so people in the waiting rooms have something “current” to read. I sort of hate magazines in general because I think they are full of stupid ideas, like “How to lose 20 pounds with only 14 seconds of exercise per day, and eat all you want!” I wish magazines promoted the idea that skinny doesn’t mean healthy. I will get off my soapbox now.


        • I subscribe to one magazine that comes out 4 times a year. When I’m done I pass it on. But you are right you could leave them at the doctor’s office or other places that have a waiting list and would welcome them. It would save them money too to get magazines passed on to them.

          As for your soap box, I will join you. I suffered from anorexia when I was younger as a result of the pressure to be thin. The other gripe I’ve had lately is seeing the headlines on some that criticize some famous person for wearing the same outfit more than once, or that another person wore at some occasion. That adds pressure to people to buy into the “need” to shop for more clothes than they need.


    • That’s one way to look at it. I get very little mail, I have seen a few more now that it’s getting closer to Christmas, but junk mail is junk mail. A good day or week for me is one in which I see nothing in my mailbox. It happens often (not entire weeks at a time though) but I’m hoping it will happen more often.


  2. Thank goodness many places at least recyle the paper. I’ve lived in places that recyled nothing. I’ve gone digital on all but one magazine subscription that is passed on. Unless a book is good enough to be a keeper for loan or reference, it’s also digital. I read a lot. Junk mail, well, someone gets a job from it but I wish they could find other work. Eventually, we’ll run out of trees for junk mail. Some is being printed on recyled material. I’m trying to be optimistic here but I’m with you on this one.


    • Yes, someone does get a job, but at what cost, sorry guess I’m not very optimistic here. I too rarely buy a book, I borrow it from the library or download it on to my computer. I too read a lot, but there are ways it can be a very inexpensive, and environmentally lighter hobby.


    • Isn’t that the way it seems? If I’m not quick enough in paying my internet bill I will get a paper bill in the mail, but that’s it for me personally. So anything else that comes during the month is junk.


  3. The topic of junk mail sends me into a rant a few times a week here in Ontario Canada. I don’t get any mail at my Tiny House because this house does not exist in theory so I don’t have to put up a box. Here at my Hamilton house it is a different story. Junk mail here is primarily delivered by Canada Post which is a crown corporation that is subsidized by our taxes. However, they take contracts for delivering the junk along with the mail. The cost of having junk mail delivered is cheaper the more you mail out, so this can vary to as low as 3 cents/piece. I do not open anything that is not directly addressed to me from businesses that I deal with, I drop it directly in the recycling box. Then, every week the city who is paid 100% out of our taxes comes to pick up the waste that they themselves created.
    It is a primary example of the huge waste that governments create. I am but one single home in a sea of millions and millions of homes.
    Imagine what could be done with all those wasted resources/dollars!
    Rant, rant, rant.


    • It’s the same here for the advertisers, the more they send the cheaper it is to send it. My grandfather hated to get junk mail, he called his utility companies and asked them to only send the bill and nothing extra with it. They refused. His solution was to mail back to them with his payment all the junk they sent him plus whatever else he got in the mail that week that would fit in the return envelope. They actually called him to ask what he was thinking. He told them that he didn’t want the junk in his garbage (before recycling) and since they refused to cooperate with him by not sending him extra advertisements with his bill they would continue to get his junk in return with his payment. It never solved the problem, but he always got a laugh each time he prepared his payment. Gotta love the man, I wish he was still here.


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