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Here it is Friday again. Being Friday I get to share with you my favorite posts of the week.   Last week I tried very hard to find a way to include Comment Luv on my blog to allow all readers to see what amazing material you all write.  But alas, there is no way to do so with the free WordPress  platform.  So this is the next best way I can think of to share favorite posts from each week.   Hope you enjoy this weeks collection.

This weeks favorite posts is a mixed bag so read on:

  • Creating jobs by buying American made this holiday season.
  • Slow and Simple, A goal for living, this post is oh so timely as we  near the new year.
  • How do you define minimalism?  Read this post to see that it can take on a much different view than what you might have believed
  • Yet here is another view of ones search for minimalism
  • With Black Friday coming up, here’s a great post on the greed of retailers
  • Finding coins doesn’t mean much? Maybe it does.
  • Trying to decide what to do with that last pumpkin?  How about a comforting Pumpkin soup?
  • Do you appreciate your weekends?  Frugal Trenches does even while homesick
  • Is the term “Eco” and “Green” on packages mean anything any more? What about recycled plastic?  Did you know plastic can not be continuously recycled?  Learn more here.
  • Finding your “just right spot
  • While Halloween is over, it’s never too late to think about saving items that can be used to make next years costume for free.  Check out this mermaid costume and while you are there check out what else you can do with cardboard.
  • The safety of the Chemicals Act, will you have serious concerns now?
  • Holiday decorating ideas made from natural and re-used items.
  • Don’t toss out your empty toilet paper rolls, here’s a great idea for using them this holiday.
  • Do you ever get frustrated and think “Why bother, no one else cares about this so my efforts don’t matter?”  Apathy is all a round us, here’s one first-hand story of apathy in the workplace.
  • Join me in pledging to make this holiday about more meaningful, sustainable and fun.  Go to New Dream to learn more.

That’s it for today, I hope you all have a great weekend.  If you have an article or post you would like to include, feel free to link to it in the comment section.  Thank you.



    • Thank you. That is my youngest grand daughter shopping at a holiday store that has become a favorite destination since my children were little. They have this wonderful display of at least 30 trees decorated in different styles. None of us really ever buys much, but the little ones love seeing the trees.


  1. Hi Lois…thanks for the links to more great blogs. It’s nice to find each other out here in the blogsphere! I happen to be EXTREMELY grateful for all the connections I’ve made on the internet and you and your blog are definitely one of them….and yeah, this fits into the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge I have going on my blog this month! Thanks for inspiring me!–Kathy


    • Hi Kathy, I’m glad you found some inspiration from the links this week. I too am Extremely grateful for the connections I’ve made, I so wish I could meet some of the wonderful people in real life. I was just thinking of your gratitude challenge and wondered if you had given up as I haven’t received any of your quotes in a few days.


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