From the Treasure Box

Here’s just a quick post to show you a new find, one I’m actually keeping.

I received a call from my neighbor a little before noon today. He had found something in the “Treasure Box” he thought I might be interested in.  The Treasure Box is his name for our recycling dumpster.  Inwardly I groaned as I just realized how close the holidays are and it was a goal of mine to have all the projects cleared out before hosting Christmas at my place.  But I headed over to see what he found, the inner groan left very quickly.

Here’s the latest treasure. It needed a quick wash and then while not horrible, I wanted it to blend in with my bathroom colors which are blue and white.

More grey than black, but all metal!!

After a quick wipe down of the dust hiding in the crevices, it was time to spray paint this shelf and move it indoors.

The space between the tub and toilet is tight and very few things would fit there, but this was a perfect fit.  While I wanted to give you the full treatment of how this will be used, I want to give it a little more time to cure.  But here’s a little preview.

As you can see it’s not very wide, but any thing over 4.5 inches wouldn’t fit here.  Guess it’s true if you wait long enough you will find exactly what you need.  I will add some wash cloths on the shelf to be closer to the tub and a couple of towels, all I really need close at hand.

I bought the paint for a lamp I picked up last month, it was originally gold and I didn’t like it.  But the white is too much on the entire lamp.  I’ll be showing you soon how it finally came together.

And here are two quick and easy ideas for inspiration for your bathroom.  No master skills required or large pocketbook.

  • Bathroom shelf makeover from found cabinet
  • Want really cheap, how about cardboard, toilet paper rolls, and pieces from an exercise mat? I’m not kidding, this is a wonderful way to update a bathroom.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.  ~~Anthony Robbins





    • Thank you. It is perfect in that spot, it’s such a narrow gap that not much would fit there. Btw, because we never know what we will find in the dumpsters that’s why my neighbor calls it our Treasure Box. I think it’s a perfect name considering all the items we have pulled out of there.


      • My sister used to live in an apartment complex where people left anything that still might some use to it outside the dumpster. A good practice because almost all of the stuff was claimed by someone else who could use it. We got a good dresser and new saw from there.


        • That’s great. Here most people toss things in the dumpster, out of fear of management. But lately we have been finding things set next to them or people just knock on my door and ask me if I know anyone who could use it. As you can see most often I take it and (luckily) it takes me just one phone call to find it a new home. Finding a saw would be something. I couldn’t imagine tossing out a tool.


    • Great name isn’t it? I can’t take credit for it, wish I could. The little ones have begun to refer to the bins as the treasure box as well. I’m glad you had the opportunity to find a few things in the past too. I will probably find a few more things come middle of next month when the college closes for the holidays.


  1. Oh beautiful … and what an absolutely perfect item for that space. We love our “treasure box” … one never knows what will be left. 🙂


    • We do too. It’s funny, so far of all the items we have pulled out of the bin, this is the first I have kept for myself, and only one item didn’t have a home when I began on it. That item will probably be listed on Craigslist.


    • Thank you!! I had thought since I moved here that that little spot would be perfect to hold a few things and save wall space for art work. It may have taken me 18 months to find the perfect thing, but I’m glad I didn’t try to buy anything.


  2. I have something like that in my bay window with a couple plants on it. I hadn’t thought of it for holding toiletries. Sometimes you need to think outside the box, don’t you?


    • That would look really nice in a bay window with plants. I wanted to put a plant on it, but with zero natural light in the bathroom area I have trouble keeping anything alive in there. Thinking outside the box is something that seems to come naturally for me, don’t know why just how my brain works.


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