Another Upcycle

What do you do when you have a cluttered vanity and it drives you nuts?  Repurpose something to clear it up.  Here’s an item I bought at a yard sale earlier this summer (2 for .25)

This was originally a shelf for a pantry organization unit.  As you can see the hooks are curved to the back, making hanging this a little awkward.

Using a pair of pliers I was able to bend the metal  to make this easier to hang.

So what was the problem that was driving me nuts?  It was my bathroom vanity.

You can see here I have a wooden box which holds my jewelry, a metal container holding my baking soda and salt mixture for brushing my teeth, deodorant, a small jar of soy lotion for extra dry skin, and a glass with toothbrushes (the extras are for the little ones when they visit)

It  may not look that bad, but I hated it. It drove me nuts every time I walked into the bathroom area.

So this  is where I thought I would put these items.

You enter from this doorway (from the hall), so it’s not the wall you first see when you enter.  This is how it looks now.

And this is how the cluttered area looks now.

I know next up will be a soap dish.  For years I used a liquid soap, I may still return to liquid, so for  now I have a piece of fabric (cut from an old jersey sheet set) to set the soap on.   I walked back into the bathroom and decided this I can live with.

How do you store your toiletries?

The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.  ~~ Thornton Wilder



    • Yes, men and shelves. My grandfather didn’t allow any in the rooms of our home, but you should have seen the wonderful set of shelves he built under the basement stairway. They held everything, he could have run a store from there, but it’s where he kept bought and their canned food.


  1. I have a basket that holds most of it, but there are still items on the surface that can’t be placed in the basket. But I have made pretty good strides in clearing my surfaces by cleaning out nearby storage places and getting surface stuff out of sight – at least in the kitchen. I could do more – that is for sure.


    • A basket is such a useful item. It can hold all kinds of things and still look lovely. The only problem I had with baskets is because it hid things so well any thing I didn’t know what to do with went into a basket thinking I would deal with it later. It became it’s own clutter problem. I’m glad they have helped you to get your kitchen in order, isn’t a cluttered counter top a headache? If my counter top is cluttered I don’t want to be in or near my kitchen.


  2. We put all of the extra toiletries under the sink. I put shelves in there for that purpose although it was hard going around the plumbing. For the every day stuff, it gets put away into the medicine cabinet over the sink. It looks as if that’s an option you don’t have, so you have come up with a good solution.


    • I do have some space under the vanity top, it’s just open under there (this was a hotel at one time) I currently have my laundry hamper, a basket with rags and a stool for the kids to step on to reach the sink. I plan to do some work there soon to make that space more useable but you are right I have no medicine cabinet to hide those thing in.


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