Feeding a Cold

I have so much sympathy for anyone who is sick and feeling under the weather after this weekend.  I woke Saturday morning with a sore throat, dry nasty feeling mouth and pressure near the bridge of my nose. I so rarely get sick I had forgotten what it felt like to feel a cold coming on.  I tried to ignore it Saturday, but by Sunday morning I felt a little worse.  No my nose wasn’t stuffed up nor was it running but the pressure was worse and my throat as well was telling me I would have to suffer for a bit.

Not me, I decided to kick this cold to the curb.  This morning, I woke feeling great. The one thing I was always told to do was to feed a cold.   Here’s how I did it.

When I realized this was going to turn into something I went on the offensive and pulled out my best medicine.  Food and herbs.

Throughout the day I drank herbal or green tea with lemon, honey (make sure it’s organic) and some grated ginger.

  • Honey: is a natural antibiotic which assists your immune system rather than suppress it.
  • Lemon: Has vitamin C and will help soothe the sore throat.
  • Ginger: A very commonly used root for thousands of years to treat common cold, flu-like symptoms, headaches, painful menstruation, upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, arthritis, colic, and even heart conditions click here to learn more about the medicinal properties of ginger.

I had a bowl of oatmeal with apples and  honey for breakfast.

I wasn’t very hungry through the day but made myself have dinner.


  • I chopped a very large onion
  • two small potatoes (not much larger than a golf ball each, it’s all I had)
  • minced garlic
  • two eggs

I cooked up the garlic, onions, and potatoes until tender.  Tossed the eggs in and stirred.  When cooked through it was time to eat.

You might have been hard pressed to find the potatoes with all the onions but it was good. The healing part of the meal was the onions and garlic.

Garlic is my go-to for almost any problem, it’s how I healed warts on both my son and my plantar warts.  Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (why it works on warts) and anti-viral.  For more on garlic click here.

Onions can be used for a wide range of health issues but yesterday I wanted to eat them for their ability to stimulate the immune system. You can learn more about ways to use onions here.

I continued to drink my tea through dinner and early evening. Was it overkill to include each of these instead of just one or two?  Maybe, but I wanted to be sure I did the job right and completely, no way I wanted to feel lousy today.    The total cost of my food and drink was probably less than $5. that’s much better than either an over-the-counter or prescriptive medication.

I went to bed early and tossed an extra blanket on the bed to help me sweat out whatever was bugging me (pun intended).  I woke early this morning, well early for me, and felt great.  I headed to the shower and returned ready to face the day.

What do you use to prevent or heal a cold when you feel it coming on?


Gratitude is one of those things that cannot be bought.  It must be born with men, or else all the obligations in the world will not create it.  ~~  Edward F. Halifax



  1. Food and herbs is the best remedy – I can’t stand the taste of the powdered commercial products. For colds I use a home-remedy which in our family we call “Honey and Lemon”, it’s delicious and very effective. If you have the things to hand you could give it a go!

    in a mug:
    – a slice of lemon or orange with 4 or 5 cloves pushed into it
    – the juice half an orange
    – the juice of a quarter to half a lemon to taste
    – a teaspoon of honey (if you don’t eat honey you could use agave or even just sugar)
    – top up with hot water

    I wouldn’t drink more than two a day because they’re quite acidic on the tummy. But one or two is fine I find. Enjoy!


    • Now that sounds good. I have most of that on hand, with the exception of an orange. The way I go through garlic and onions I really need to start growing my own. 🙂 Next time I am sick I will try that and let you know how it works!


      • The orange really gives it a lovely flavour and the cloves work in a kind of “menthol” way. There are lots of coughs and colds going around at the moment but hopefully you won’t need it for a looooong time 😉


        • There seems to be always some thing around here. I feel fine today, as if nothing had been wrong this weekend. I keep things on hand because with my son working at a prison he brings so many bugs home from there. It was funny because as I was writing the post I tried to remember the last time I had a cold and couldn’t remember. This weekend just reminded me of how rotten it feels to not be in good health.


          • It sure is. I was a sickly baby. Then it was discovered I had a physical disability of which most people died from pneumonia (which a slight cold would turn into), so for the first 14 years of my life I lived on anti-biotics. At 14, I got it in my head to refuse all medications. It took a while, but finally my immune system learned to work on it’s own.


  2. glad you got better so soon! Good for you! I don’t like over the counter stuff either and being a diabetic I have to watch what I take, so I like the natural way. It works so much better for me. I use a lot of garlic and onions and take garlic pills also! When others get sick I rarely do.


  3. Very interesting. I catch everything. And colds almost always turn to sinus infections for me. My best remedy is a good balanced meal, with no sugar, but lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. Or a bowl of miso soup. That plus sleep.


  4. Glad you got better so fast! Great tips on how to boost the immune system! With the cold season just started I will start sneaking ginger to the cooking and perhaps help avoid the worst parts. Thank you for sharing!


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