Now that looks better.

Yesterday was a quiet and productive day. I  showed you a few of the projects I was working on and today I will show you a few of the results.

old and tired clay pot

That was pretty bad looking and I had been hiding it in the bathroom with an aloe plant in it.  Unfortunately, the lack of sunlight in that area killed that particular aloe.  So here’s the fresh new pot.

If you saw yesterdays post you saw my inspiration for this, you can check it out here.

And here it is in it’s new spot for the holidays.

This stand is directly next to my front door.  If you are wondering where I got every thing I’ll give you a little break down.

The small bookcase/stand was my daughter-in-law’s she purchased it at a yard sale when she and my son were first setting up house. She no longer used it when they bought their home and gave it to me. I updated it with black paint as the shelf itself was losing it’s original finish.

The blue vase was left at our yard sale this summer (here’s that story), when no one bought it I kept it as I love blue glass of any kind.  I filled it with found twigs around town for fall.

The planter on the left I found this week at the grocery store.  The planter, already filled with the plants cost $1.99.

The wooden plaques

Next on my agenda were two wooden plaques that my neighbor found. They were unfinished, but my grand daughter spotted them along with my jelly jar holding my mixed milk paint  and decided they needed painting.  Here is where she left them.

I  have painted both, one I will add something more to later, but here’s the one I will be hanging later today after the sealer coat dries.

I added a second coat of milk paint, then rubbed a little of the left over ebony stain from the chair I gave to my son and his wife,  I love the look of letters spelling out a word, but that costs more than I was willing to spend.  I wrote out the word with a pencil, lightly (or you will see the pencil marks) and then using one of the washable markers I keep here for the kids I traced over it.  When dry I gave it a light sanding to give it an aged look.

I will be hanging this in the middle of a grouping of framed family photos I have over my desk.

A boys hoodie is now ready for a little girl.

I went to my bag of fabric scraps. when I talk about this bag it’s really not that big.  Many years ago, before reusable bags were available for groceries I picked up a canvas bag from the craft store for .99.  The straps were too short to be comfortable carrying groceries so it was repurposed.

This is kept in the closet out of sight until needed

What I found when digging through here was a little piece of purple fabric from a quilt I made a few years ago, and some yellow fabric from the bottom of a woman’s shirt that I was just never comfortable wearing. With those two pieces I came up with this idea.

The hood portion was a double layer of material that was simply folded over. I didn’t want to sew through both layers and change that,  so I attached each side of the yellow individually but only sewing through one layer on each side.  Not sure if that makes sense to you. Sorry my sewing terminology is as bad as my abilities.

Here’s a close up of the pocket. I cut two hearts out of the purple fabric and attached them as if they were a patch.  This was probably the hardest part of the whole process. My hands weren’t made to fit inside these little pockets.

As I was typing this I had a surprise visit from my grand daughter and her mom.  They had decided to see how long it would take to walk here from their home,  20 minutes.

Having projects out when my grand daughter arrives means she will put her touch on things.  She took ownership of the other plaque and here’s what she did.

It is now on it’s way to her bedroom to be set in the window with her special rocks.

Back to my projects now.

Do you remember the tree branch I dragged home from the beach last month?  Here’s a reminder or you can read that post here

I knew when I saw this branch what I would do with it.  I decided it would serve as a replacement for a Christmas tree set up in the apartment.  I gave it a light coat of white spray paint, collected some pine cones and gave them a light coat of paint as well.  Here is it now.

When Christmas gets closer (not till after Thanksgiving in my home) I will add some Christmas decorations to this.  The branch was a little too long for the wall I planned to use it on, so after trimming some of the length off, I attached it to the wall by putting two  nails in the wall, one is underneath the branch and the other is a few inches away on the top of the branch.

The chairs are close to being finished, I need another coat of milk paint on the seat and then I can add the polycrylic to seal it.

While waiting for paint to dry I also sanded and gave a first coat of paint to the desk drawers.  So the desk will be the next project I hope to finish.

Well, that was my Saturday.  How has your weekend been?


Gratitude is a burden upon our imperfect nature, and we are but too willing to ease ourselves of it, or at least lighten it as much as we can.  ~~ Philip Stanhope



    • Thank you. It just happened that my daughter-in-law stopped by today and gave her seal of approval on the hoodie from her son. The branch was fun. I allowed my grandson to assist in the painting of both the branch and the pine cones. Today, his sister determined where the pine cones would be hung. Glad you are having a productive weekend as well.


    • Thank you, I will probably leave it up till after Easter. I will just change out what I have hanging on it, then use eggs like you did. I wasn’t sure how to hang the eggs, but pipe cleaners are a great idea!


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