Working Saturday

If there is one day of the week I can usually get a few things done it’s Saturday.  The grand children usually spend their Saturday with other grandparents, so I know I don’t have to worry about them walking in to find wet paint.  Today is such a day.  I thought I would give you a brief update on what I am working on today.

First up are the two chairs I picked up a few weeks ago sitting outside for garbage collection. There were three chairs, one is finished you can see it here, it is different from the two I am finishing today, but I am tying them together with white paint.

So here are pictures of the before.

They don’t look bad from those pictures do they?  Oh but let me tell you, it was not safe to sit on them as they were so wobbly and loose.  So first things first, I took them completely apart.  No tools needed they were just waiting for a little help.

I sanded them down to the bare wood, glued them back together and started to prime.  The plan was to paint the entire chair white and make cushions from the same fabric I used on the first chair.  I took a look at this and began to have other ideas.

Please ignore all the mess behind the chair, it’s newspaper I had under the legs to protect my carpet.  Here the chair has a single coat of primer on it and I’m liking the natural wood on the seat.  So I decided to send this photo to my daughter-in-law, my son gives her free reign in the decorating department so I didn’t need his input:-)

Hmm, I’m thinking this is the time to pick up some blue milk paint.  So here is where I started today. Each chair has been primed and has a first coat of white paint on it,  one seat also has the first coat of milk paint finished.

which do you like?

That’s not all I’m up to today.  I have a clay pot that was given to me as a housewarming present back in 2002 as we moved into a new home after losing most everything we  had in a house fire (it was electrical).  It has seen better days.

As you can see the paint is chipping and it’s looking a little sad.  I have sanded it down using 3M sandpaper made specially for working on paint and it’s sitting outside with a first new coat of paint, which will better reflect who I am.
I got the inspiration for the color from these two photos I showed you on this post, let’s hope it turns out as nice.


I also have a little altering project I want to finish before the day is over.  My daughter-in-law lets me go through clothes she is donating to the thrift store when the kids outgrow them.  I spotted this hoodie and knew my youngest grand daughter who loves hoodies would enjoy this. It’s also very warm so a perfect transition jacket.  As soon as I pulled this out of the bag my daughter-in-law was stunned.  She asked me why I would give a boys jacket to a little girl.  That stuck with me and I decided I would add a few touches to remove the stigma of it being a boys jacket.

Next I have a few touches I want to complete on the wood plaques my grand daughter felt needed her painting skills on.  Here’s where she left them.

So today while I love my family and am grateful for the joy they bring me I am content to have a day to myself to get a few things done.

Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.  ~~ Alphonse Karr



    • Yes, I still have fabric left from the first chair I recovered. Since they are all going to the same home I will probably make cushions like I had originally planned to do so they are nice and comfy to sit on.


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