Quick change of plans

Today was a quiet day, I had planned to spend time painting furniture today, but just as I was about to start I received a phone call that my grand-daughter wanted to come visit for a couple of hours.

There is no work more important than spending time with those I love so work was put off and I invited the little one over.

When she arrived she ran into my arms and informed me she loved me and wanted to see me because she didn’t want me to miss her.

She arrived with two containers of a generic play-doh and informed me we had to play with it outside.  Okay, wait a minute it’s only 38 degrees out.  She opened the door and showed me the sun was out that meant we could play outside.

I knew I would have plenty of uses for this little table and it’s mate I saved from the trash this summer.

To be honest I wouldn’t have ventured out today if not for her, but it really was nice to sit in the sun.  I had to give her credit and thank her for prodding me to go out.

Once the sun began to set we came in and continued to play with her play-doh.  We made food such as peanut butter cookies (using a fork to get the marks on properly), pizza with toppings, cakes, and plenty of other things.   She pulled out her Cinderella doll and we made her a coat, purse and scarf out of the play-doh.

She then spotted a couple of wooden plaques and my container of milk paint I had mixed last night for my current project and just had to paint them “for me”. I should add that these two and two that I gave her mom for winter crafting were saved from the dumpster a week ago.  At the time it didn’t seem like a big enough deal to blog about, still isn’t 🙂

just needs a few added touches to be ready for what I planned to do with them

First, yes she does strip down to her undies to protect her clothes (which why there are no pictures of her painting)  and second, if she spots something here I planned on working on she will want to do it.  Anything craft-like she will want to do but tells me she wants to do it to help me.  There is some adult processing going on in that little head where she believes that if she makes it sound like she’s doing it to help me I won’t be able to deny her the opportunity to do what it is she wants to do.   Of course I will rarely refuse a child the chance to be creative and learn what they are good at, or in her case perfect what she has already learned.

She decided we had to eat and proceeded to look in the fridge. Meal was scrambled eggs, yogurt and peas.  Yes, all planned by her.

It has been years since I played with play-doh I had forgotten how fun it could be when you have a small child with a very vivid imagination.  So this was how I spent election day afternoon, how did you spend yours?

Friendship based solely on gratitude is like a photograph; with time it fades.  ~~ Carmen Sylvia



    • I remember those days. It’s hard sometimes to take on the role of the parent or parent-helper. I grew up with my grandparents and learned so much from them. Things they taught me when I was younger they could not do for themselves anymore. I spent countless hours balancing checkbooks and reading over their medical papers. Your mother is fortunate to have you to help her.


    • How true that is. I remember when my oldest son graduated from 4th grade at 9 years old. There is a carnival at the elementary school a few days after the last day. A mother was dropping her daughter off at the carnival (I was staying with mine, first to keep an eye on the boys and second it was a fun family time), this mother remarked to me that she was glad her daughter was finally heading to the middle school as now she (the mother) wouldn’t have to be home all the time when her daughter came home and could shop or go out with friends more. I informed her in my not so nice way that I was happy to see my children come home to me.


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