New crafters are born and find happiness in the little things

I have been making gifts for years. With the arrival of the grand children I made each crocheted blankets, and pillows to curl up with. Each child has one cross stitch picture on their walls and recently I have begun to craft with the children.

Children enjoy being creative, it can be simply using a piece of paper.

Gift for her brother

Or learning to work with plastic canvas I saved from the trash

With the children enjoying expressing themselves creatively, mom wanted in on the fun.  She asked her grand mother to show her how to crochet.  What started out as a blanket for dolls became a hat. I’ve yet to figure out how she did that, but her daughter is thrilled with the outcome.

Timing was perfect as we are getting our first snow fall today, it’s not sticking….yet.  I was thrilled to see the joy my daughter-in-law felt when her little one gushed with appreciation for the handmade gift.   Her second try at creating a hat failed for her son, but she’s not giving up.

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.  ~~A. A. Milne,   Winnie-the-pooh



    • I love A. A. Milne he was a genius who gave us more than just simple stories. How interesting to use one of his quotes at a wedding. While I had my Christmas lists made out months ago for the kids, I had to change the one for my grand daughter. She loves to craft so much that her mom has requested crafty things for gifts to keep her busy during the winter. Last night I just pulled together plenty of craft things to make her a box for Christmas. She’s at that age where she’s curious and wants to try her hand at every thing to see what she can make. Her brother tries to follow suit and enjoys crafts if they are short as his attention wanders much quicker.


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