Slow Living October

As usual, I can’t believe another month has passed by so quickly.  I am continuing to follow Slow Living Essentials in recording my achievements for the month.

Nourish:  I have done well this month eating at home and preparing my own foods. They are simple, yet just what I need.   This past week saw me doing something very different, I prepared enough food to quickly reheat for meals.  This was sparked by Hurricane Sandy and the fact that my area was included in the path of the storm.  I wanted to be sure I had enough food to eat well.  I soaked and cooked beans, rice, pasta, eggs and more.  I will eat well for a couple more days before I need to cook anything from scratch again.  Maybe I will do this more often as it’s been really nice to simply pull a few things out of the fridge and toss together to make a meal.

Prepare:  I haven’t put anything up this month.  I will be cooking my pumpkins and squashes soon and plan to make pumpkin pudding with some of the pumpkin to share with the little ones, but I so enjoy seeing the squashes sitting here that I hate to bake them yet.

Grow: Nothing is growing currently.  It’s that season where everything is changing and moving through the life cycle, dying off.  We collected branches, pine cones and acorns to use in the home for fall decorations.  We pulled the last of the wildflowers and planted tulip and daffodil bulbs around the outer portion of the circle (along the rocks) to have some early flowers in the spring.

Reduce:  This is where I tend to go overboard.  Reduce is where I work to reduce my own waste.  While I have very little waste, I also collect others trash and put it to good use finding new homes for them after fixing them up.

Soon to be revealed in all its glory

I am fortunate that I have collected enough paint to be able to do this for almost nothing.  The little I have spend has been on primer and sand paper.  This month I saved quite a few things.  I found a home for a large picture frame,a wooden desk,  a suitcase, an old entertainment center, three wooden chairs, cabinet with doors, a clothes rack that will hold potted plants next year.

latest save

I have finished restoring the end table, the entertainment center (into a reading room with storage for kids toys),  and one of the chairs (the other two will be finished shortly).  My grandson begged for a large garage for his cars, so we spent time covering a cardboard box and he decorated it.

Green:  This month I shared with you my dish washing solution to commerical cleaners and perfected my “no-poo” way of washing my hair.  After many attempts the perfect formula was a cup of warm water with a heaping tablespoon of baking soda and a rinse of white vinegar.  My hair has never felt better.  One tip for anyone trying this: avoid getting the vinegar in your eyes it will burn 🙂

Create:   My grand daughter finished a crocheted panda bear a neighbor was going to toss with a little help.  I extended the length of her favorite tee shirt so she could wear it a bit longer and made two scarves from yarn also being tossed out for Christmas presents.   Then because I hate my neck getting cold in the winter I made a cowl to wear to keep me warm. You can see them all here.

Discover: I have been reading a few classics this month, I am currently reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin.  I find I have much more appreciation for the classics now than I did when I was younger.   I am also reading a Memoir by Ashley Judd on her work for women in impoverished areas of the world.  It’s rather eye-opening to see how little women are respected even today.

Trying out the reading nook before it was finished

Enhance:  I have been spending quite a bit of time with a good friend as she has been undergoing chemo and radiation for cancer. The end of this month she suffered her third stroke in the month and has needed plenty of time to just talk and visit.

Enjoy:  We have taken plenty of nature walks, attended the final parade of the year.  The grand children have taken turns spending the night where I get to give them 100% of my attention doing things they want to do.  These overnight stays are some of my favorite times.  While young, they have things they want to talk about and share with me and gives me the opportunity to know them even better. And who can forget Halloween?

Proud of her accomplishment

This month is all about Thanksgiving, a holiday which encourages us to be grateful.  To remind myself of this I will be adding a quote about gratitude in each post this month (an idea sparked by Smart Living 365).

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. ~~ Melody Beattie



    • Thank you Kathryn, yes Sandy was very kind to us. We have towns hit hard only 40 miles to the east of us and 100 miles to the west of us, yet we had nothing but some strong winds that took down a few smaller branches off trees and plenty of rain.


    • Oh Thank you! It was a busy month, looking back it seems like half of what I did was in the month prior, but then I have the posts to prove to myself that it all really happened in one month.

      Glad you enjoyed the quote, it seems to sum up my feelings about life so clearly.


    • Thank you. It does add busyness, but it’s welcome. The year before I moved here I became so depressed that I did basically nothing. I felt isolated and was bored out of my mind. I literally would spend all day reading or doing cross stitch because it was the only thing I could think to do. Of course there were other issues which led to how I felt as well like a landlord who watched everything we did. As I slow down and have trouble walking, it’s a relief to find I can still work on these pieces and not feel as if I can’t do anything.


  1. I love that reading nook!!! I almost want to go out and get an old TV cabinet and give it go myself – not sure where to find a child tho…!
    I think slow living makes you busier – but more productive and certainly more fufilled! – Kara xx


    • I have to laugh some months when I write up my slow living month by month because I can’t get over how much I get accomplished each month. Slow living does give me time to do more. There are so many great ideas out there for these old entertainment centers. I had considered cutting off the top and side so the seat would be open, but we can always do that in the future when the kids are older. For now they love their enclosed seating.


    • Thank you Linda, he still uses it constantly. My son jokes that he should just give me all his trash and make his son toys as he has so much fun with the cardboard toys I’ve made for and with him. The reading nook I haven’t gotten a picture of in their home, but they have added baskets for store toys and a shelf of books. The kids feel special having their own seat so I’m glad I saved it when my neighbor was walking it to the dumpster.


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