Rain will not stop me

Yesterday I heard clanging as someone tossed  stuff into our dumpsters.  My neighbor went out in the pouring rain to see if it was anything worth saving.  Here’s what he found.

It’s in the process of drying out right now.  The cord still looks good but it’s dated, so I may update the wiring.  The finish isn’t the best, but there are no nicks or damage to the metal.
As we are having a non-stop week of rain and are expecting snow soon this will wait for warmer temperatures when I can take it outside to paint it. I’m thinking something fun and bright rather than the normal black, metallic or white looks.   In the meantime, I will keep my eyes open for a shade that will work. You know me by now, I won’t look to buy one.



  1. Is it a touch lamp? It might need the part that makes it “touch” replaced, but you can get those at hardware stores. We have two similar lamps, and though I hart the touch on and off, we will probably not get rid of them just because of it.


    • No it has a button that you turn, I checked it still works! I’ve never had one of those touch on-touch off lamps but a friend did, hers was a table lamp and any jostling of the table or a slight bump would turn if off. I never wanted one after that.


      • Let me just add that touch lamps and curious cats do not mix. I used to have a beautiful set of touch lamps in my bedroom with lovely glass shades… I really LOVED those lamps. Unfortunately my cat figured out how to turn them off and on, so I’d be happily snoozing away when I’d be awakened by the light coming on in the middle of the night! I tried hopelessly to train him out of it, and even resorted to unplugging them – but finally decided that having lamps that I had to leave unplugged was umm… less than functional! At first I thought I’d just pack them up and save them until some time in my life when he was no longer around… but then he taught the new kittens how to work them. Oy!!!


        • That’s too funny. Definitely lamps in the bedroom you have to unplug are not good. I want light if I need it in the middle of the night. So you have a trouble maker who teaches the younger ones to be like him? Your home must be entertaining.


          • “Entertaining!” I’m going to have to remind myself of that word the next time I’m awakened in the middle of the night by Smoky scaling the curtains!


    • Ha ha! No, my neighbor has an implement he calls his hook on a stick. Basically it’s a garden tool that we use to grab things and pull them out. I don’t climb inside, my kids will but while I don’t mind being dirty, that’s where I draw the line.


  2. Sooooo… I’m watching your Steelers play… maybe they thought they needed improved visibility with all the rain? Or maybe those are throwback uniforms? At any rate, they sorta look like bumble bee convicts to me!


  3. That’s a great find! Last year, hubby went to help his friend do some things around the yard and came back with half a pickup truck full of things the guy was going to throw away. Among other things were 3 old stands that we’ve refinished (found out later they had belonged to his grandmother and were purchased in the 1920’s and 30’s!!), small pieces of insulation (worked out fine in our attic, no one sees it anyway), some roof shingles (saves buying a bundle to fix a hold) and on and on. I am always amazed at what some people will throw away!

    I hope when you do your new wiring and find a shade that you’ll come back and show us the update – I’ll be waiting to see this finished!

    Oh and good luck to you – I was reading your other post about being in Sandy’s path. Stay safe!


    • It is amazing what people throw out. With all the drop off centers at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other thrift stores it doesn’t take much to get rid of unwanted items. The people who tossed out the lamp, didn’t live in the apartments, they drove in quickly tossed things out and left as this is private property.

      I’m glad you benefited from some of your hubby’s finds. I’d love to see the stands you refinished, I love old furniture it was made so much better than what you can buy today at the stores.

      I will show the lamp when I get to it, but I will probably wait until spring when I can work on it outdoors.

      Thank you, I’m staying safe. The winds are picking up here, but fortunately all my windows face the east side of the building and the trees are far enough away not to cause damage. I do enjoy rain storms so I will just fall to sleep listening to the winds and rain pound the building and hope when I wake I hear it wasn’t as bad as predicted and everyone along the path is safe.


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