Am I a success?

Success may refer to (according to Wikipedia) a level of social status, achievement of a goal, or the opposite of failure.

I have been thinking about success.  When most people talk about success it’s either in relation to reaching a goal in their workplace, a major weight loss, finally purchasing the dream house with all the bells and whistles they can imagine, or some other monetary wish.

Isn’t it sad to think that for all the advances we have made in the world that success is still mostly defined by money?  We have forgotten the old saying that “money can’t buy happiness”  we believe it can.

If I  had gotten my dream, I would have been traveling the world, single and carefree with money to blow on anything I wanted.  What I have instead is a tiny  home that I don’t even own, a place to sit in the sun, water to watch the sun set over, good friends, and the most important element family I love and loves me.

So I decided to look at success differently.  Here is how I think we should define success, for true  happiness:


  • realizing you have more love than you could have ever imagined
  • having people you can love in return
  • having your needs met
  • having time to pursue your interests
  • embracing and accepting who you are, knowing you are the best you can be at this moment in time
  • having work you look forward to (paid or volunteer)
  • having or restoring your health
  • enjoying each day, without a heavy burden of stress
  • knowing you are living a life that honors your values

I found an interesting article on Dumb Little Man that defines success by the qualities in a person.  You can check it out here.

Am I successful?  Most definitely I am, but not according to the current definition most hold.  How do you view success?



  1. I think each person has to define what success is to them. But I would say you are successful because you live like you want to. You have loved ones who love you. And you have friends. 🙂


    • That is a very good definition of success. With my disability the first part about taking care of myself is very high up on my list, the last thing I want is to be dependent on anyone. As for being content with my situation, I think that does come with age, it sure took me a long time to quit looking for something else in my life.


  2. Echoing what others have already said – I much prefer your definition to the one society seems to adhere to, but perhaps success is also reaching the point in your life when you see beyond those standard definitions and finally do work out what if means for you personally.


  3. I like your list. I think more and more people are defining success as “not having to work.” I like that you included paid or volunteer work, because for me that is an important way to live out my values. I am not ready for a life of leisure yet!


    • Thank you. I added volunteer work because I have gotten more satisfaction from work I’ve done out of love (volunteer) work than I ever did from paid work. There is a quote from a Native American (I’ll have to look it up for the exact quote and who said it) the quote said you could never pay people to work as hard as they do for nothing. I thought that pretty much summed it up.


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