Fall Decorating

Today was a beautiful day, I spent time outdoors and collected a few more things along the way for my fall decorating.

First, my door is a simple thing.  I use the same thing each year at this time.  It’s not only fall, but football season so this is what my door looks like until football season is over.

This summer we had an interesting encounter when we had a yard sale.  A woman stopped and asked if she could add a couple of things to our items. I shrugged and figured why not.  She set two things down, then walked over to my grand daughter (who was on my lap) asked when her birthday was and handed her a $10 bill.  Here is one of the items she set down. It didn’t sell and I loved it.   It’s now part of my fall decorations with some found branches.

Isn’t that blue vase gorgeous?  I wanted to dress up the table a little, so I pulled out this piece of sheer fabric I had cut off the bottom of my Ikea curtain panels.

As I was collecting twigs, I spotted one that still had two small pine cones still attached and knew I wanted to add that as well.

I think it will look nice when the cones dry and open up.

Of course I had to take a few more photos while I was out.

Here is where the baby’s breath grows wild, but now everything is dry and gone to seed:

The only flowers I found still blooming were some dandelions

Here is the area we find our Sweet William for cuttings through the summer.

This is what all the trees will look like soon.

This tree has such graceful looking branches.  It reminds me of a dancer.




  1. I used to decorate my home for every season, now I’m lucky if I put a Christmas tree up. Ha. Just too busy (lazy) to do otherwise anymore. I love the blue vase, really nice.


    • Wasn’t she something? We never figured out what made her do it. I saw her rummaging through many things in her trunk so I almost want to think it was her way to give money to little ones, there was nothing improper about her she was just sweet. My grand daughter was so happy with her money you should have seen her holding on to it, so tightly.

      Yes, it was a gorgeous day here today. It was about 75 degrees, with just a mild breeze to make the leaves fall from the trees now and again. We also took the kids to the playground where they each made a new friend, and checked out all the fall decorations along the way on the various porches and elsewhere.


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