Bits and pieces, some crocheting, sewing and lots of fun

There are so many projects I start and stop and eventually pick back up when I have a little down time.  Today was one of those days when I had a little time to pick up and finish a few projects.

Natural decorating in the front window

I was able to finish a couple of scarves for Christmas for the two grand daughters.  The fringe was left over from a project for myself, the pink was free in a box I saved from ending up in the dumpster, it was clean and covered so I knew I would find a use, even if pink isn’t my color.

For the youngest grand daughter, who still loves to take everything apart to see how it was made I tied the fringe partway down.  I took two pieces 1 from each section of fringe and tied them together.  This way, mom and dad won’t have to worry about arriving at their destination this winter to find precious little one took half her scarf apart.

A perfect complement to a scarf would be a hand stitched hat.  Check out the adorable pumpkin hat for a little one here.

I finished up a project for myself.  Ever since I decided to embrace my gray hair and cut it short my neck gets very cold on the colder days. Now that I also am car-free, I needed an idea to keep my neck a little more comfortable.  Using some fisherman’s wool I came up with the idea of making a “cowl” collar.  I simply crocheted a piece as if it were going to be a scarf, but shorter, then using a slip stitch connected the two ends together.  Now all I have to do is pull this over my head and roll or fold it to suit the occasion.  It’s even long enough that I could tuck it inside the collar of a top on those windy days.

This is sitting on a 12 by 12 inch pillow to give you an idea of how large I made it.

Want more ideas for knitted or crocheted winter projects.  Bev’s free patterns may be just what you need.

You may be able to get an idea for how I will wear this from this picture.

My grandson likes the idea of making things out of cardboard boxes and saved one from his  house which he brought over to me. I had made him a little garage for his matchbox cars. He loved it but wanted one for his bigger cars.  He was in a hurry to have it done, but he also wanted to control the process.

He dug out some fabric from my scrap pile, and insisted on using tape.  From there he asked me to write certain words on it. On the roof, it says “Cars fixed here” on one side it has his name and the other side has the word “garage’ on it.  We (which means me) cut an opening to work as a garage door and he covered it with more fabric then asked me to write the letter “C” on it (for his name).

Then he went through the kids craft drawer I have in a small nightstand (I use as an end table) and found some foam animals, and a glue stick.  Here’s what he came up with.  Zero cost!

He was having a blast with this little box.
He’s very proud of his garage.

There are plenty of ideas of what to do with cardboard boxes out there.  Here’s just a couple sites to check out.

After my grandson headed home I pulled out a shirt my grand daughter was upset she had to give up and finished lengthening it by hemming fabric I had added to the bottom of the tee-shirt a few days ago. I plan to give this back to her on Halloween.

If the only thing wrong with a shirt is the child grew too tall for it, there are always ways to lengthen it and give it more life.  Luckily I had fabric that exactly matched the trim color used in the original tee-shirt.  Zero cost for this as well!   Some lace on the bottom would have been nice, but not worth the cost since I don’t think she will get much more wear out of this shirt.  Maybe by then she will be ready to let go of it.

I thought I had been pretty smart with this idea for the tee shirt, then I found a wonderful post by Disney on altering children’s clothes to make them last much longer and save your budget.  Check it out here I don’t feel quite so  smart now, but I’m still happy with the end result.

I was on a roll and happy to get my apartment back in order a little.  I still have two chairs to refinish and was about to pick up the second end table, but I spotted a neighbor taking this out to the trash in the rain.  I tried so hard to ignore it, but wood furniture and rain don’t mix well.  Remember the desk that was too large for me? I cut it down to use as a nightstand.  Well the exact same desk is now sitting in my apartment. You can see what I did with this desk earlier this summer here.

It’s late, so my lighting is really bad. just what I needed was another project right now 🙂

I’m considering putting it up on Craigslist as is because I really don’t have enough room here for it, but at the same time I have all kinds of ideas running through my head I’d like to do with it. Not sure which part of me is going to win this argument in my head. What would you do with a solid wood desk?

It is Friday, hope you all have a good weekend filled with love and laughter.



    • With the colder temps I tend to stay indoors more, and I go stir-crazy if I don’t stay busy. A cold neck is the worst. I can be perfectly fine, but if my neck is cold I can’t get comfortable, same with my feet. I’d love to see your cowl when you get it finished.


  1. I love your projects — how smart about the scarf so it cannot be taken apart –the cowl neck is just great — you should think about marketing these–much cooler than a dickie and warmer than the loose cowl neck things they have out there


  2. You’ve been busy indeed! I love what you’ve done for your grandchildren. Making the shirt just a little longer, and the play garage for your grandson. I can’t begin to tell you how many “toys” we had made from boxes, when my son was small.


    • Boxes started with my oldest son. He wouldn’t leave a box alone, they were his favorite things to play with. He didn’t want me to do anything to them, he enjoyed using his imagination. But thanks to him I learned quickly how many uses there are for a box.

      As for the shirt, my scrap pile is quickly diminishing, but I may stock back up on some clearance fabrics (and lace) so I can save my kids some money on their children’s clothes as I think this one is going to be much loved.


  3. Even I have some Tshirts I don’t want to give up (holes in sleeves, stains, etc.) I will be cutting out the front designs and applying them to new (or new-to-me) Tshirts! I love the cowl too & agree your design is better than either a dickie or a loose circular scarf.


    • I don’t wear a lot of clothes with designs on them, so when my shirts become to beat up to wear I usually cut them up for cleaning rags. I’m glad you liked the cowl, while I’m looking forward to wearing it, I can wait as I’d rather have warmer weather.


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