Stop! Decide now

Today wasn’t a bad day, in between the rain storms.  So I took some time to get prepared for fall.  While doing so I realized this is the perfect time and way to declutter.  And with the Reverse 100 thing challenge I thought I would share my thoughts today on this subject.

First up today was planting the bulbs I didn’t get to yesterday when we had 70 degree beautiful weather.  I got it mostly dug up before being rained out.  The grand kids were on their way (and love to plant), so I hurried back out to finish when the rain stopped.  We got most of the tulip bulbs in when a huge thunderstorm hit.  I was able to go out later and finish the job  with the tuplip bulbs and got the daffodil bulbs in as well even though I got drenched again before I was finished.  One task down, so much more to still do.

First a note about planting with children.  It will never be perfect!   The kids get that the bulbs need covered back up with the soil, but were doing it as they went along. With some covered, the other child would stick a bulb in the same general area. So much for spacing 🙂  So I have no idea what kind of arrangement I will end up with in the spring.

Luckily, my neighbors were watching our antics and felt that they had so much fun watching the kids that no matter how the bulbs come up next year they will smile remembering the process it took to plant them.

Back inside, I cleaned the window and added some fall touches to be seen from outside.  Sorry no pictures, the rain is back and I’m not going out to try to show you what it looks like today.  Getting soaked 3 times is enough for one day. Look for a shot of my front window in a day or two.

While cleaning out the window of the summer-y items I realized this was a good time to go through my place and while getting out the fall things.  I had lost a couple of my indoor plants, my fault I was too busy to remember watering them often enough.  I took a look at my planters and realized that one is cracked and should be retired, one would make a great bowl during the holidays when I can use an extra.

Pulling out the extra blankets, I found one needs some mending, and one is beyond mending and needs to find another purpose.  As I looked around, I noticed two books on a shelf in the closet I had held on to when I purged everything a year and a half ago, and realized I haven’t looked at them since I moved, so they came out to be donated.

At one point I took a break from my cleaning and purging mode to check my email.   Some days things just happen for a reason, today was one of those times.  I found Courtney from Be More With Less, suggesting a reverse 100 thing challenge.  If you haven’t heard of the 100 thing challenge, it’s designed to get you to pare down to 100 things or less to live with.  For most, even me, that would be pretty drastic. Life happens and I just need some “stuff”.  But Courtney is challenging us to eliminate 100 things before the end of the year, check it out here.

What a perfect time to do something like this.  We already have our hands on most things that we will be putting away or taking out.  So while you are putting those summer things away, take a moment. Take a good look at each item you plan to put away or take out.

  • Does this item still have meaning to me
  • Does this item need repaired and will I do it
  • Do I still like this
  • Could I do better
  • Do I have multiples of this item that I don’t need

This is where I am at now. After getting rid of just about every thing I owned a while ago, I am back at it.  What I am finding other than a cracked stoneware pot and a few books and a few odds and ends, are pieces of paper. Notes I kept for some crazy reason.  My desk drawer is overflowing with these little reminders.

Will I find 100 things to get rid of before the end of the year? Not if you don’t count paper, but hopefully when I am done I will feel even freer and will welcome the holidays knowing my home truly reflects how I feel today.

Speaking of the holidays I wanted to share a wonderful series of posts which have just begun.  Dianna at Practicing Frugal is doing a series on homemade gift ideas.  She fills each post with wonderful links to ideas she has found online.  We all want to save a little money and give a practical or meaningful gift.  Check out Dianna’s ideas here.

Have you started to switch your decor from summer to fall/holiday?  Are you taking the time to consider what still has meaning and purpose to you as you go?


    • Isn’t it though? You would think after I took 6 months to decrease my belongings I would be much more aware of how quickly it can grow back again. But my drawers are proof that I need to take more time with paper clutter that enters my home. I did go through all my drawers last night and they are nice, neat and clutter free again.


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