Strange products I’ve found for sale locally

I finally found one product made in the United States at the dollar store. Unfortunately, it’s not something I need or want.  My nose also found something which can be found for zero money right at my feet just about every where I go locally.

How many times do you go to the dollar store hoping to pick up something you need?  I don’t go often, but I needed some glue and it was the closest place.   I decided to browse the aisles just to kill a little time and see what was selling this year.

Of course there are entire aisles devoted to Halloween, that is to be expected.  There are entire aisles also devoted to Christmas, not that we need any of this yet.  I was, like usual, dismayed by the quality of the items but that’s nothing unusual for me. I have to say there was nothing I would want in my holiday decorations to be found there.   Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted something advertised as being made in the USA.  Cool.  Jobs are returning right?

Well, here it is.  Can’t we do better than this in an entire store?

Yep aluminum foil pans.  That’s the best they can do.

Another thing that caught me off-guard this week was at another local store.

I live in an area of the country with wonderful trees.  I collect leaves, pine needles, and especially pine cones. We even picked up a couple handfuls of acorns on the walkway leading to the post office yesterday.  These are every where, free for the taking on the streets and sidewalks.  I’m sure no one would mind if you collected a few things off their sidewalks, it’s less they need to rake up and clean. 🙂

So imagine my surprise when I smell something so artificial that it makes me nauseous.  I looked to see what it was and found two large bins full of scented pine cones for $5.99 a bag.   I understand wanting natural smells in your home, I love pine boughs which bring a lovely light smell of freshness to my home.  These were anything but light.

Can you read what it says?  These aren’t pine scented, they are cinnamon scented.  Why not collect a few pine cones, and buy cinnamon sticks if you want the smell of cinnamon.  If you buy the cinnamon sticks you can use them for drinks and foods as well giving you something worthwhile for your money. They will smell a lot better and actually have a purpose.  Who doesn’t love cinnamon in their oatmeal, or in applesauce?  But this is just throwing away money, of course that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

What have you found lately that makes you shake your head?



  1. I found USA made odor-eater type shoe inserts at our dollar store. I use them to cushion my shoes when they’ve gotten a bit worn (I have two inserts in each shoe right now, a little extra cushion!)

    Our local fabric store has big bins of those cinnamon scented pine cones, too. They don’t even put them inside the store, but in the small vestibule area between the outer doors and inner doors. I’m guessing the employees get sick from smelling them all day, and asked to have them not quite in the store.


    • I’m glad to hear more dollar stores are carrying something other than made in China products, but I’m still waiting for the day a clock or something mechanical is sold that was made in USA.

      Our store keeps those scented pine cones outside, not even in the vestibule. You can smell them before you ever get near them. Yuck.


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